‘Chicago PD’ Teases Kim and Adam Romance in New Photo

by Jonathan Howard

The writers over at Chicago PD know what fans want. And the fans want more teaser photos of Kim and Adam like the one from Twitter today. Seriously, they know that viewers go crazy over this stuff.

While there is always some kind of drama or crisis going on in the show, there is one reminder that things are going to be alright. That is when the show puts out photos of everyone’s favorite couple, Kim and Adam. This one they even put some Snapchat filter-type hearts around the two of them. While this doesn’t reveal much about the show, it teases the continuation of this relationship.

It looks like the two might have had a beer or two and are enjoying time on the couch. The photo just buzzes with tension, check it out below for yourself.

“Thinking about these two,” the caption says with a blue heart. Well, so is everyone in the replies. Seriously, this couple is getting shipped so hard and the show putting them together just makes things easier on fans. They even have a nickname based on their last names put together…Burzek. So use that hashtag when you are on social media to connect with other Burzek fans if you feel like it.

One fan in the replies summarized fans’ feelings pretty well. They took a quote from somewhere else and added their own commentary on the matter. “‘The Burgess/Ruzek relationship continues to be undefined-yet it’s clear they love each other very much,'” the fan said. “It’s the realest thing on the show. When will it be ‘defined’?” What a great question. Chicago PD keeps teasing it, and fans keep waiting for more.

‘Chicago PD’: Will Hailey Upton Face Charges?

One of the most pressing questions on the show outside of Burzek has to be what will happen to Hailey Upton. Fans want to know if Hailey can face charges for shooting Roy Walton. Well, yes she can. However, it remains to be seen how that plays out. The Chicago PD drama continues and viewers aren’t sure what to expect.

It really doesn’t help Hailey’s case that she didn’t report the shooting and instead let Voight cover the whole thing up. If that whole part is uncovered by the right people, then there are going to be severe consequences for those involved. With the FBI looking around at things, it might not be long before we have an answer.

Chicago PD continues this season as the Burzek relationship heats up and as the FBI looks into one of the officers. Walton’s disappearance is going to cause more trouble than it might have been worth. If Hailey hadn’t covered it up, perhaps there would be a different story to tell here.