‘Chicago PD’ Teases Trouble for Burgess and Ruzek

by Lauren Boisvert

There’s a new promo for the next “Chicago PD” episode, and it looks like Burgess and Ruzek are at the center of it. Burgess has had a lot of changes in her life recently, what with adopting a child and then getting shot at the end of season 8. She’s been leaning on Ruzek, but even though they’ve dated before and even been engaged, they’re in a weird place now. They’re not dating, but he’s around all the time. Burgess wants to set some boundaries between them.

She says as much in the “Chicago PD” promo. “I think it would be better if we had more boundaries with Makayla,” she tells Ruzek. Right now, he picks her up from school, and tucks her into bed, and does a lot of parental things with her. But, he’s not technically in that role. “We’re not dating,” Burgess continues. “You could meet someone.”

Ruzek doesn’t take this well. “You think I’m just going to leave you?” he says. But there seems to be more to his concerns. “Are you guys going to leave me?” he asks next. He’s scared of being left behind because they’re not dating anymore, and Burgess could meet someone as well. Burgess is right to set up those boundaries. If either of them move on and meet someone else, it’s going to be hard for Makayla to adjust to losing Ruzek’s presence in her life. Burgess is thinking of her child’s emotions, but is she considering Ruzek’s as well?

It’s possible this line of questioning could lead them back to each other. Ruzek obviously doesn’t want to be with anyone else. How does Burgess feel about the situation?

‘Chicago PD’: Who Are Adam Ruzek’s Father Figures?

Speaking of father figures, Patrick John Flueger named two characters who helped get Ruzek through the tough times on “Chicago PD.”

First, he named Hank Voight, the current Sergeant of the Intelligence Unit. Ruzek looks up to him and Alvin Olinsky, who died in season 5. Olinsky was Ruzek’s former partner, so it’s no wonder he considers him an important influence.

Flueger said of the two characters, “I think [Ruzek’s] learning from Voight and Olinsky. They’re his father figures. They’re the guys that he looks up to.”

It’s possible that Voight and Olinsky helped Ruzek become the man he is today on “Chicago PD.” He learned from watching them, and now takes their teachings and uses them to provide for Makayla. Now, Burgess just has to see that he’s worth it, and it’ll all work out. Can the two mend their past relationship and be there for Makayla together? That seems to be what Makayla needs, two strong influences in her life, and Ruzek and Burgess together can be that.