‘Chicago PD’: The Investigation Goes Further in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

The previous “Chicago PD” episode was all about Atwater revealing his truth to Celeste; it looks like this upcoming episode will center partly around Voight and his informant, Anna Avalos.

According to the synopsis of episode 12, the team is trying to find the head of the Los Temidos gang. Voight has to dive deeper into Avalos’ past, as her informant status is threatened. What could be threatening her? Most likely the gang, but does she have ties to them? Or is this something else from her past entirely? If anyone can sniff out details about her she probably doesn’t want anyone to know, it’s Voight.

There’s also Atwater and Celeste to deal with. At the end of episode 11, she kicked him out of the apartment, but didn’t say their relationship was over. So, Atwater screwed up; but does that mean he can’t do anything to fix it? Is their relationship beyond saving because of his lie? Atwater is a good guy, and he lied to protect the fledgling love he had with Celeste. That doesn’t make it right, but I get it. He was scared, and he omitted the truth. But will Celeste see it that way?

Additionally, it looks like this is the last episode before “Chicago PD” goes on a little break. That most likely means cliffhanger. “Chicago PD” stories rarely move in straight lines. Things are introduced, forgotten, only for them to be important again later on. I would expect something like that here with the informant storyline. Hopefully, they don’t leave us hanging on the Atwater/Celeste front, but no promises.

‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Discusses His Character’s Relationship

LaRoyce Hawkins, who plays Kevin Atwater on “Chicago PD”, spoke to TV Insider recently about his character’s relationship and his mistakes in that relationship. He discussed the chance that Atwater has with Celeste, noting that she never said they were over.

“She doesn’t say it’s over. That’s interesting,” he started. “I think this is an opportunity for Atwater to learn an important lesson where he can explore that space, where you ask yourself, where do we live from? And we can either live from where we want to be or from where we are. And Atwater, I think, can learn an important lesson in living from where he actually is and not from where he used to be or from where he used to understand, but what’s the reality?”

Atwater has to atone for his mistakes with Celeste, and realize that he needs to get his head so far out of the future and live in the present. Deal with his present situation, and that’s Celeste. He had a good thing in his life, but he messed up by lying; he dropped the ball, but, as Hawkins says, “he’s also one that I know you can count on to pick a ball up too.”