‘Chicago PD’: This Actor Actually Had Multiple Roles on the Series

by Samantha Whidden

No, your eyes are not playing with you Chicago PD fans. There is one actor that has played multiple roles since the hit series premiered on NBC in January 2014. 

According to Looper, actor Kurt Naebig recently played the role of Bench, a bartender. In the sixth episode of Chicago PD’s ninth season, Bench first appeared when Officer Adam Ruzek {Patrick John Flueger) entered the bar and commented it’s a bit of a slow night for the bar. Bench notably agreed and says “Slow month.” He then directed Ruzek to his table. Towards the end of the episodes, Ruzek interacts with Bench once again. He shares the story about his great uncle’s death in the line of duty. 

Prior to his 2021 appearance on Chicago PD, Naebig appeared during the show’s first season as Lieutenant Bruce Belden.  Looper reports that Naebig’s Belden was a lieutenant in the Violent Crimes Unit of the Chicago Police Department. He first crosses paths with Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) in the show’s pilot, Stepping Stone. During the episode, Voight became angered by Belden’s lack of communication. His lack of communication notably leads to the death of Melissa Sagemiller’s Detective Julie Willhite. 

Following Willhite’s death, Voight was angered and eventually attacked Belden in the middle of the police station. Belden ended up being one of the only officers present at Willhite’s funeral service in the episode Wrong Side of the Bars. He eventually becomes one of the officers that was killed by Address Diaz {Pulpo). 

Along with Chicago PD, Naebig has also appeared on Chicago Fire as Calhoun and Grogan. 

Former ‘Chicago PD’ Star Sophia Bush Talks Life After Leaving the Hit Series

During a recent interview with USA Today, Sophia Bush spoke about the assault and abusive behavior she experienced on the set of Chicago PD. “It really made me rethink what I wanted to do,” the Good Sam star admitted. “It’s the reason that I went and made independent movies that I loved and streaming shows with people who I trust.”

Along with her independent film work, the former Chicago PD star said she worked full time on two elections and launched two podcasts. “I didn’t want to be stuck on a set again. Because when you’re stuck, you don’t have any options. You don’t have anywhere to go.”

Bush went on to add that she really had to take some time to find the people who she was willing to come back to a network show. “I could have very easily continued making projects with Joe Swanberg and Netflix and Hulu. And all the wonderful people I’ve been working for who’ve been a total dream. I wasn’t really sure I would come back to network TV because of the stuckness.”