‘Chicago PD’: Tracy Spiridakos Detailed Her ‘First Day of School’ Experience on Set

by Megan Molseed

When Chicago PD’s Hailey Upton joined the cast of the popular NBC procedural series, the character was initially intended to be part of a three-episode arc plotline.

However, it wasn’t long before Upton became a series regular on the hit law enforcement drama. In fact, since then, Chicago PD’s Hailey Upton has become a fan-favorite on the series. Even as she currently faces some of the biggest challenges the character has seen so far in the series.

From the moment Tracy Spiridakos who plays Hailey Upton on the series first appeared on Chicago PD, the character seemed to fit right in with the close-knit One Chicago crew.

However, Spiradakos notes, no matter how welcoming a new group is, there is still always the moment when someone feels like a new kid on their first day of school when showing up to a brand-new situation.

“It always feels like the first day of school,” Tracy Spiridakos says about joining the Chicago PD cast four seasons after the popular show initially premiered.

“You walk in and you’re a little nervous,” the actress continues in a recent Awards Daily interview. “I just want to love everybody.”

‘Chicago PD’ Star Remembers Welcoming Cast and Crew

Spiridakos goes on to note that she certainly felt a little nervous when she first arrived at the Chicago PD set. However, the cast and crew soon made sure that she felt welcome.

“They were all so lovely and I felt comfortable there right away,” the Hailey Upton actress recalls.

“I remember walking in and thinking to myself to just enjoy it and whatever happens, will happen,” Spiridakos continues. The actress adds that the fact that she was initially only slated to play in three Chicago PD episodes helped her feel less nervous on the set.

“So the first three episodes, there were nerves,” she recalls.

“But I enjoyed it and thought it would be a cool experience no matter what,” Spiridakos adds.

The actress then remembers how she felt when she learned Hailey would become more of a fixture on Chicago PD.

“When I left and I got told I’d be coming back, I got so excited,” the Chicago PD actress remembers. “But then I got more nervous because then I really thought, “I really like all of them and I want to stay forever.”

Then, the actress says, she had a whole new feeling of nervousness when she returned to the Chicago PD set. This time, as a regular cast member in the hit NBC show’s fifth season.

“I think coming back to season five was where I got most nervous,” the actress quips. “But so far it’s been so good.”