‘Chicago PD’: Voight Must Depend on a Criminal Informant in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

Trust is going to be a big theme in this upcoming “Chicago PD” episode, aptly titled “Lies.” It seems like it’s going to be a big episode for Atwater, as he’s been lying to Celeste about his job as a cop. The synopsis states that he’s going to make a crucial decision; will he tell Celeste the truth and face the consequences? Will he break up with her to spare himself the guilt? Or will he keep up the lie?

Additionally, Voight is going to have to learn to trust a criminal. He’s working with a criminal informant on a currently unknown case; but that’s going to take a lot of work on Voight’s part. While criminal informants usually have only minor charges against them, Voight is still an old-school cop. It’s likely he won’t take to the informant so easily.

There could also be a resurgence of Voight and Halstead drama. They took a gamble by blackmailing Agent North, and narrowly avoided prison. Halstead made Voight promise to be more open and trusting with him, but Voight is still used to playing by his own rules. Now he has Halstead mother-henning over him; is he going to break and start keeping secrets again? Or is he really reformed?

I would also expect a lot of Burgess and Ruzek moments in this episode, and the following episodes. The first half of the season focused heavily on the Voight/Halstead/Upton drama. Now that that’s resolved, we’re getting more into the other characters’ lives. Burgess and Ruzek are overdue for an episode centered around them, at least.

‘Chicago PD’: Jesse Lee Soffer Talks About Halstead and Voight’s Dynamic

Things are changing on “Chicago PD” and that includes Halstead and Voight’s dynamic. In the episode “A Way Out,” which aired before the hiatus, Halstead basically reprimanded Voight, letting him know that the secrets and lies stopped there. Some fans weren’t happy with the new dynamic, wishing to return to a time where Voight was “respected.”

But, in conversation with CinemaBlend, Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Halstead, spoke about the importance of the shift in dynamic.

“I mean, there’s always conflict with the two characters,” he started. “Cases getting away, things happen, you know. There’s secrets, there’s always something going on. So that’ll continue. I’m excited to see this different dynamic between Voight and Jay play out a little bit. And maybe have Voight bring Jay into the fold a little bit more and lean on him a little bit more. You know, I think that that’s going to be interesting for the fans.”

A few fans on Reddit expressed their disappointment with the shift, but it’s possible they just need to give it time to play out. Who knows, Voight and Halstead both may grow from this experience.