‘Chicago P.D.’: What Happened To Officer Cooper?

by Joe Rutland

OK, let’s get down to some Chicago P.D. questions, Outsiders. What in the world happened to Officer Cooper? We will find out.

As we do some reconnaissance on this matter, we’ll get a little help from One Chicago Center. Officer Cooper is Officer Andre Cooper, played by Cleveland Berto. Cooper had a sweet opportunity to take a job on Wall Street. He said no, though, and joined the Chicago Police Department.

Why? Well, because he wanted to make a difference in the Windy City.

Berto and his character made quite an impression Chicago P.D. audiences in Season 8.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Character Bent Differently Than Voight

Ironically, he was considered a “golden boy” officer for reasons we stated above, Outsiders.

Understand, though, that Cooper was different from Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe. Cooper wanted to take down the bad guys by following the rules. That’s not always the Hank Voight playbook (hello, murder of Roy Cooper storyline).

And that tension from this situation proved fascinating. It all lined up for a bigger role for Berto and Cooper on Chicago P.D.

But the showrunners have not even spoken up about bringing Berto back this season, which is Season 9.

It was a three-episode arc for the actor to be on the show. Cooper did have a trial by fire. Yet this season has been focused on the main cast. Now, Chicago P.D. appears headed in a different direction.

Lead Actor Beghe Had Nothing But Platitudes For Berto

Do not take showrunners’ silence as meaning they did not like his work.

For instance, Beghe talked about Berto in an interview with Give Me My Remote.

Beghe says, “He did a fantastic job on a three-episode arc.

“He informed the team in a way — he played more of a Gen-Z kind of cop, and a very, highly ethical … there’s a negative connotation to the word, but I’m going to use it without any of that: He’s woke and aware,” the Chicago P.D. star says. “And he helped us tell a story that needs to be told. And he did a fantastic job and we all miss him; he is terrific.”

Here is another good point to make: Officer Cooper is still alive and well in the One Chicago world. Could he walk through the open door again and appear on the show? Anything is possible.

But viewers of Chicago P.D. know that there are a lot of storylines still affecting the show this season. By the way, Voight is smack-dab in the middle of one of the biggest. It seems like he’s always up to something. Outsiders, if you love this show, then watch it this spring.