‘Chicago PD’: When We Will Know More About Upcoming Episode 13?

by Anna Dunn

Fans are loving season 9 of Chicago PD and are excited to get new info on the upcoming episodes. Typically, we get new information on episodes a couple of weeks out, but there’s nothing right now on episode 13. Not even a full preview. So here’s when we can expect to know more about the upcoming 13th episode of the season and why there’s been a delay:

Right now, we don’t have much information on the next episode because Chicago PD is going on an untraditionally long hiatus for this time of year. This is to accommodate for the upcoming Winter Olympic games. A lot of programming is going to stop airing episodes while the Games are going on, and it includes all three shows in the One Chicago franchise. It also means we won’t get the episode until over a month away on February 23rd.

And partially because it is so far away, NBC has been pretty silent on what’s to come. It’s really unlikely we’ll get any more information for the rest of January, so you can expect more of a Synopsis and maybe a preview towards the first or second week of February.

But for now, fans of Chicago PD will just have to wait.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Love Season 9. Here’s Why:

Season 9 of Chicago PD has been met with a lot of praise from fans. It’s an impressive accomplishment. Most shows tend to lose steam once they hit around season 5, but it looks like Chicago PD has only gotten better this year.

But fans have really liked how much they’ve upped the tension and suspense this year, especially in the actual cases. Chicago PD has focused a lot on its characters, which is good, but some fans feel it lacked a bit in the case department. But now, fans are finding the cases absolutely nail-biting.

In a recent Reddit Thread, one fan really summed up these feelings.

“What was nice about this episode, and a few of the episodes this year, is that I don’t know where the episode is going to go. In old episodes, they were character-driven, which was great, don’t get me wrong, but the cases were usually not that hard to figure out. A lot more suspense this year, which I’m digging,” they wrote.

And this person wasn’t alone. Plenty of people have commented on the season, which they have found quite suspenseful and entertaining.

There are certain plotlines people aren’t loving, like how the season has handled a case where Upton goes too far.

Five weeks is a long time to wait for a new episode, but hopefully, it’ll continue to bring the suspense that season 9 has brought to the table and that wait will be worth it.