‘Chicago PD’: Who’s Going Down for Roy’s Murder?

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago PD” heads into its eighth brand new episode next Wednesday. And after this week’s explosion between Voight and Halstead, it’s reasonable things will only get worse before they get better. They have to right? As such, it’s possible we might finally see one of our favorite “Chicago PD” characters taking the fall for the murder of Roy, the suspect killed by Officer Hailey Upton way back in the season eight finale. No matter how things play out, it will definitely be both a career and show changer, however, events proceed.

So, let’s take a look at our options. Considering how the murder took place overall, it leaves a very short list of potential suspects for the FBI.

Most obviously is the perpetrator herself, Haily Upton. Although her intentions were good (shooting Roy to save Voight), it doesn’t completely remove her from the crime. In the end, Roy was only a suspect, a necessary link in their investigation at the time. Further, the officer has remained entirely guilt-ridden since she and Voight covered up the murder. How much longer can she possibly hold out?

CinemaBlend highlighted another potential fall as he comes in the form of Sergeant Hank Voight himself. Though his methods are unorthodox, he views his unit as a family, always with the intent of protecting them. After all, isn’t that why he covered up Roy’s murder in the first place? As investigators lay on the pressure, perhaps we’ll see Voight continuing to protect Hailey as the dedicated leader he is.

If Not Our ‘Chicago PD’ Officers, Then Who?

A much less climactic solution see “Chicago PD” pinning the fall on some random criminal entirely, someone already bound for prison and virtually unaffected by the crime. However, while we would hate to see any one of our “Chicago PD” officers go down for the crime and end their career, this potential definitely takes away the majority of the tension riding our unit at the moment.

And finally, CinemaBlend also pointed to a completely random wild card, and the only other person who knows the full truth regarding Roy’s death. That is, Jay Halstead.

Okay, obviously Halstead literally has no ties to the crime. However, his affections for Hailey combined with his anger at Voight have already caused the character to make some rash decisions and interfere with work. What would make us assume he’d simply let Hailey take the fall for her crime-especially considering current sentiments within the unit?

Unfortunately Outsiders, we can’t provide you any definite answers, just yet. But we can provide you with insight to prepare you for the potential emotionally stressful events to come on “Chicago PD” within the next several episodes. Tune in to NBC on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. to follow the events of this high-stress storyline.