‘Chicago PD’: Why Fans Have Called Out Hank Voight’s Gun-Handling

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago PD” fans usually have few problems with the show’s accuracy, choosing instead to just enjoy the gun-blazing action sequences and emotional character interactions. But, there’s something going on with Jason Beghe’s Voight that fans just can’t ignore.

In a Reddit thread asking “Voight, why does he always hold his gun like that???,” fans noted that Voight holds his gun in a peculiar way.

One fan wrote, “my friend who’s a cop even noticed and said he’s holding the gun completely wrong that if he were to shoot someone he’d [lose] his balance.” Voight seems to always hold his weapon in one hand, when the standard grip for police officers is two-handed. This creates balance and lets officers keep their feet through the kickback. Voight’s stance is odd, and gave fans pause when watching his scenes.

Another fan wrote, “It’s so ridiculous and so inaccurate. No matter how long you are a cop for, there’s no way you can be that secure with your weapon to fire with one hand…” 

Yet, there was some opposition to the claim that Voight’s stance on “Chicago PD” is wrong. One fan commented that one-handed shooting is “a perfectly valid tactical shooting stance,” and included examples from YouTube. “Voight carries a SigSauer P229R 9mm. It is more compact, lighter and easier to control with one hand […] The US Army taught one-handed shooting stance on the M1911.45 that kicked like a mule through two world wars, Korea, Vietnam and into the 80’s […] Voight’s an old school cop who learned to shoot an old school way and if he re-qualifies with that shooting stance the CPD doesn’t care. It also has the benefit of looking cool on camera.”

‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Talks a ‘Complicated Story’ for Atwater

Wednesday’s “Chicago PD” episode was a doozy for Atwater; he found himself on the other end of an informant’s gun at one point. Plus, he’s been lying to his girlfriend about his job for their entire relationship. Actor LaRoyce Hawkins spoke to CinemaBlend about his character, and what fans can hope to see in the future.

“So it’s like, Atwater’s starting to ask himself the question, you know, ‘Where are we?’” said Hawkins. “And if you live from where you are, and not from where you want to be, from where you thought you were, you live from an authentic place. I think he’s just being authentic to himself and doing his best, like we all are.”

He continued, “It’s weird, man, it’s weird. But I can’t wait for the people to see ‘Lies.’ You know what I’m saying? Because we’re gonna see Atwater telling a very complicated story, and through the vision of Eif Rivera, who was a great director to work with. His vision and his style, I think, is going to add an element to the episode that everybody should truly enjoy.”