‘Chicago PD’: Why Jason Beghe Says the Team Is ‘Dangerously Out of Sync’

by Shelby Scott

The events of “Chicago PD’s” season eight finale and the ways those events unfolded into season nine have created trouble for our favorite Chicago-based law enforcement unit. Now, things seem to have become more tense. As such, Hank Voight actor Jason Beghe believes he and his on-screen team are “dangerously out of sync.”

As you probably recall, last season saw a suspect murdered at the hands of both Voight and Officer Hailey Upton. Voight then proceeded to cover up their actions, however, it didn’t end things on-screen; especially not for Hailey. Part of Hailey’s guilt is rooted in that she’s been unable to inform Officer Kim Burgess that she or anyone else is no longer in danger. Burgess was nearly shot to death by the murdered suspect at the end of last season.

Additionally, Hailey’s guilt has caused tension between her fiancé Jay Halstead and Voight. Overall, things don’t look good for the team. Trust has become questionable and on a team absolutely dependent on trust, their bonds appear tainted.

In speaking to this week’s episode, “Chicago PD’s” Hank Voight stated, “If you look at [the team] as a family and Voight as the father–the responsible party–his family is unhappy and dangerously out of sync. It doesn’t feel like home anymore.”

This week’s episode, entitled “Trust Me,” promises to put an interesting throw in the works surrounding the “Chicago PD’s” officers. Among ongoing internal issues, Voight bonds with a confidential informant, another relationship built on trust. Of the new character, Beghe said, “They’re both willing to bend rules in order to get justice,” something that’s previously caused upheaval in Voight’s team.

Meanwhile, TVInsider tells us the confidential informant has her own hidden agenda. Perhaps this spells more trouble for our team this week. How much more tension can our “Chicago PD” team endure before they break?

“Chicago PD” Actor Embraces the Challenges of the Hit Series

“Chicago PD” is one of numerous criminal dramas based around a core team of law enforcement officers. In reality, there exists an ever-changing narrative surrounding those individuals. As such, it’s important for “Chicago PD” and its cast members to consistently be up for challenges.

This week obviously points to a threshold of new challenges for “Chicago PD”. Now, we’re wondering how the team will persevere. Current story lines have the cast members submerged in a handful of tense goings-on. Meanwhile, Jay Halstead actor Jesse Lee Soffer previously revealed some of the behind the scenes challenges he faces on set each day.

“[W]e’re always learning,” the actor begins. Soffer revealed the cast and crew have cops on the set every day, consistently teaching our “Chicago PD” actors “new tricks of the trade and putting us in scenarios that we haven’t been in before.”

Overall, he shared, “the job is always challenging and there’s always a new experience.” As such, we’re sure that pressure adds to the on-screen tension our characters face on “Chicago PD” each week.