‘Chicago PD’: Why Season 9 Return Could Spell Serious Trouble for Upton

by Amanda Glover

Although “Chicago PD” is taking a brief pause while the Olympics take hold of NBC, it gives fans some time to prepare for the return of Hailey Upton.

In the first episode back from the show’s hiatus, Tracy Spiridakos will likely be front and center. However, this puts Upton in some serious danger.

According to TVLine, Upton will wind up in danger after viewing a terrible car wreck. Thankfully, she is not in the accident. She witnessed the frightening event while taking a jog. However, while working to save the passengers, her life will be at risk. Even after Upton’s attempt to save the victims, that won’t be enough to close the case. The Intelligence Unit will be on the trail of the man who caused the crash after finding out about the victims. 

Don’t worry “Chicago PD” fans; Upton’s character is not going anywhere any time soon. Whether or not she deals with a few complications from witnessing the car accident, we can only hope that Upton will be ready to return to her team as a detective. 

The returning episode is titled “Still Water.” Since the characters appear to be wearing winterwear, likely, involving water in this episode will not be pleasant.

In the last two seasons of the show, episodes centered around Upton have been some of the most emotional. Now, with Halstead and Upton on the same page, perhaps she’ll deal with things differently in this upcoming new episode.

Upton and Halstead Tie the Knot on ‘Chicago PD’

I think it’s safe to say that fans were quite surprised to see two of their favorite television characters tie the knot. Although the happy couple tied the know in a courthouse, it was a dream come true for the characters.

Earlier this month, “Chicago PD” showrunner, Gwen Sigan discussed the episode’s plot twist.

“It’s so fitting to me that this is how it happened for these two characters. They’ve been through so much together (this season especially) and this was a completely emotional decision made inside a moment — they wanted something good, they wanted something permanent that made all the events of the episode worthwhile, they wanted connection — and they didn’t want to wait another second.

Tracy Spiridakos’s TV husband, Jesse Lee Soffer spilled the tea on his character’s recent nuptials.

“I don’t think their characters are the type that needs to celebrate it. The type that really needed to discuss marriage and a wedding. They’re not ceremonial or sentimental in that way. They’re passionate people. And they’re very honest, very real people so I think after getting over this huge hump with North, the FBI, and Roy, they wanted to put it behind them as fast as possible. The next step in their lives is, ‘Well, let’s be together,’ so it was logical.”

Get ready to see more of Upton and Halstead in the next episode on Wednesday, February 23 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.