‘Chicago PD’: Will Burgess Decide Voight’s Fate?

by Lauren Boisvert

Kim Burgess hasn’t been a key figure in this arc on “Chicago PD”, even though technically she’s at the center of it. It was her kidnapping and shooting that led to Roy Walton’s death at the hands of Upton and Voight. Now, Burgess could become a big part of deciding Upton and Voight’s fate.

But, she doesn’t currently know that Upton and Voight killed Roy. The only people who know are Halstead and Agent North, but North doesn’t have enough evidence yet to convict. He needs Halstead’s help on this case if he’s going to bring anyone down, and it seems like he really wants Voight to fall.

Burgess was the catalyst for this “Chicago PD” arc, and it’s only fair that she end it as well. Halstead or North could tell her what’s going on and give her that final decision. It seems right that she gets a say in the case. But, at the same time, it could create a conflict of interest; Roy kidnapped and shot her, and now he’s dead. It’s possible she could be happy that he was killed and not want to put anyone away for it.

So, going to Burgess with the ultimatum is a slippery slope. She has a hand in the case, being personally attached, but no personal attachment to Voight or Upton like Halstead has. It could be a cut-and-dry decision for her. Or, it could be just as difficult. We won’t know unless the writers decide to go in that direction and bring Burgess back into the case.

‘Chicago PD’: How Much Trouble is Hailey Upton In?

Well, Upton has the potential to be in a boatload of trouble on “Chicago PD.” First, she shot Roy Walton. Then, she let Voight cover it up instead of reporting it. Now, the FBI is on the trail, sniffing out everyone involved.

Halstead figured it out but didn’t tell anyone to protect his fiancée, but now Agent North has given him an ultimatum; either he helps North take down Voight, or Halstead and Upton go down. Halstead has a strange type of loyalty to Voight, despite their disagreements, that prevents him from making the decision outright. This is going to take some time.

Upton was already questioned by the FBI in a previous episode; “You know what men do. You’ve seen it your whole life. You saw what Roy Walton did. One woman on your team, you saw what he did to her. Roy Walton’s dead. You covered it up,” an FBI agent accused. Pretty big claims that are pretty close to the mark.

Who knows how much time Upton has left? Halstead needs to make his decision quickly before the FBI makes it for him. Something tells me this is going to be the big cliffhanger at the end of the “Chicago PD” Fall season finale.