‘Chicago PD’: Will Burgess Face Future Heartbreak?

by Lauren Boisvert

Kim Burgess has been through so much heartbreak on “Chicago PD,” but it looks like she’s in the running for some more in the coming episodes.

Recently, in the episode titled “Home Safe,” Ruzek and Burgess were getting closer, with Ruzek even picking Makayla up from school. He’s taking on a huge parental role. While Burgess is still considering their boundaries, he’s still there for them.

So it comes as a shock to both Ruzek and Burgess when Makayla reveals that a man has been waiting outside the school and giving her stickers through the fence. Not something anyone should be doing, let alone with a cop’s kid.

Turns out, the creepo is actually Makayla’s uncle, who has filed for sole custody. This is huge for Burgess, who has been through so much trauma in her life already; most notably, her miscarriage, and then getting shot and left for dead. So, it’s understandable that she’s pretty freaked out about the idea of Makayla’s uncle taking her away.

Except, there’s still some hope. The uncle didn’t really approach Makayla in an appropriate way; there were so many other ways he could have gotten in touch with her, like, say, through Burgess or the courts. Instead, he decides to find out where she goes to school, wait outside the fence, and give her stickers. Like, that’s not normal behavior. So, I’d say there’s hope that Burgess will get to keep custody of Makayla. She’s much more fit to be a parent, even if she does have a dangerous job.

‘Chicago PD’: What to Expect After Season’s Return

“Chicago PD” returned on Wednesday, January 5 with the episode “Home Safe”. So, what can we expect for the rest of the season?

In the previous episode before the winter hiatus, Upton and Halstead eloped, finally. But, don’t expect a big to-do about their marriage. Star Jesse Lee Soffer has said that the marriage will be set to the side for the time being. “We spend a lot more time [the rest of the season] with [other] characters and we start building some of those storylines out and we leave the marriage to the side,” Soffer told TV Insider. It seems like with the huge storyline Halstead, Upton, and Voight had in the first half of the season, they’re going to take a backseat to the other characters in the second half.

Additionally, it seems like Atwater is making headway with a new romance. Celeste is an art teacher, and she doesn’t like cops; one of her students died while in police custody, and she takes personal issue with that. So, Atwater hasn’t yet told her that he’s a cop. That could cause some obvious issues in their relationship. Is he just never going to talk about what he does for work? Or will he take the chance of losing Celeste and be honest with her?