‘Chicago PD’: Will Halstead’s Decision Lead to Someone Exiting the Show?

by Lauren Boisvert

On “Chicago PD,” Jay Halstead is faced with a challenging decision; either he and Hailey Upton go to prison for murder, or he helps Agent North take down Hank Voight.

Voight helped Upton cover up Roy Walton’s killing, burying the body for her. Upton shot Walton when he went for Voight’s gun, which probably would have been self-defense. Except then they covered it up. North found the body by tracking Voight’s GPS the night of the killing. Halstead found out about the killing before North found the body, and kept it to himself.

Now, Halstead has an ultimatum.

He’s been loyal to Voight for years, but he also wants to marry Upton and not go to prison, so this is giving him some pause. North told Halstead, after taking him to the crime scene, “So here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna give you a choice. Option one: I arrest you and Hailey. I promise you I will make the case. Or option two: you help me take down the man I really want. Hank Voight.”

If Halstead goes with option one, he and Upton will probably be gone for a while. But, then we get scenes from prison. Also, they’ll be trying to make their marriage work from prison. Could that be enough to hold fans’ attention? If Halstead goes with option 2, then Voight is definitely leaving the show, no bones about it. Clearly, this is going to be a tough one for Halstead.

I have a feeling he’s not going to let his future wife go to jail for something their boss kind of forced her hand in. Upton is already riddled with guilt over it, I can’t see Halstead letting them both go to jail just to protect Voight.

‘Chicago PD’: Could Upton’s Proposal Be a Ploy?

Although Halstead proposed to Upton after she proposed to him the first time, he seems a little suspicious of it. It could have been just what she said it was, that it took Kim Burgess’ tragic shooting for Upton to work up the courage to propose. But it could also be a ploy to get Halstead to not rat her out to the FBI.

Upton is acting strange, and Halstead is picking up on it. There was a hesitation when he accepted Upton’s proposal. Like he was wondering what her true intentions were; was it really the desire to marry him and start a family, or was it something else? Something that would get her out of going to jail?

She’s been shaken by the events of the previous season’s finale: Voight torturing a suspect, and Burgess’ shooting. Her confidence has been shaken. Maybe it’s been shaken in everyone but Halstead, and that’s why she proposed. Or she knows Halstead will protect her. Either way, she just might be up to something desperate.