‘Chicago P.D.’: Will the ‘Upstead’ Relationship Last on the Show?

by Joe Rutland

When avid viewers of Chicago P.D. begin to think that the relationship between Halstead and Upton will not last, then it’s time to listen.

OK, so Jesse Lee Soffer plays Detective Jay Halstead and Tracy Spiridakos plays Detective Hailey Upton. If you do not watch the show, then we will tell you that their relationship has been interesting.

We say interesting in the sense of being worth watching on Chicago P.D.

A thread on Reddit raises questions. It is titled “Am I the only one who thinks Upstead won’t last?”

The fan writes: “I know the writers are really playing them up right now due to the demand of the twitter fans however, realistically, I just don’t see them lasting.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Fan Sees Only Trauma Playing Role In Moving Relationship

“Every milestone in their relationship hasn’t been a natural progression and has only been pushed forward by trauma,” the Redditor writes.

The person mentioned Hailey discovering she loves Jay while he’s in the hospital. Then she asks Jay to marry her because of Kim. That’s followed by them getting married because of the whole Roy situation etc.

“So their relationship is mainly based on trauma bonding,” according to the Redditor who watches Chicago P.D. “Which at some point the rose-tinted glasses are going to come off and it’s going to unravel.

“The only question I have now is how long they’re actually going to last?”

Another Chicago P.D. fan writes, “I would say no because usually, couples don’t last on the Chicago shows. But eid was obsessed with them and the new showrunner is too. So they will probably stay together”.

One Fan Does Not See An Indefinite Breakup Because of Show Writers

Then this Redditor says, “I really don’t know if I can see them breaking up indefinitely, because the writers hate having any main characters be single. I think Erin and jay were always intended to last until Sophia left, and I can’t see them writing another long-term romance for jay. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take a break, but I do think Upstead are together until the series finale or until one of them dies”.

We close this story out with a dissenter for the original poster.

“I disagree with your reasonings,” this Redditor writes. “If they were just a basic couple then they wouldn’t last, imagine being a typical American couple who sees the stuff they do, they’d hide their feelings from each other, not talk about their day, they would be all over the place… But these two, they go through some awful things and all they want to do is be closer together.”