‘Chicago PD’: Will Voight Go Down for Roy’s Death?

by Lauren Boisvert

“Chicago PD” set Halstead up with a tough decision in the last episode before the fall hiatus. Either he and Upton take the fall for Upton killing Roy Walton, or Halstead turns on Voight and gives him up to the FBI for covering up the killing. Poor Halstead didn’t even have a hand in any of this; he just happened upon the truth when Upton and Voight started acting suspiciously.

Things get more difficult when you remember that Halstead and Upton are currently engaged; can he really sell his future wife down the river just like that? But you also have to consider how far back Halstead and Voight go. They butt heads and disagree, but Halstead still respects Voight as his boss. And if it comes out that Halstead sold out his boss, that could really damage his reputation.

So, no good decisions all around. Upton is obviously higher up the ladder than Voight in terms of Halstead’s personal involvement. He loves her, they’re engaged, there’s no way he’s going to send her to prison for murder. Unless. His job and reputation could be permanently marred if he sends Voight to prison instead, even if Voight possibly made a mistake by disposing of the body instead of calling it in.

I’m leaning more towards Halstead ratting out Voight, and then having some tension with Upton. If he helps to put Voight away, saving Upton from prison, things are definitely going to be strained in their relationship. Halstead won’t forgive her that easily. One, for hiding the killing and cover-up from him; two, for doing that whole thing in the first place; three, for getting him involved in it. Things are going to be tough for Halstead and Upton from here on out.

‘Chicago PD’: It’s All About Trust

In the 7th episode of “Chicago PD”, titled “Trust Me,” we saw Halstead and Upton beginning to tread some rough waters. Once Halstead figured out about the cover-up, he had a tense conversation with Upton; he’s treating her differently already after learning about the shooting, and she doesn’t like it. She also doesn’t like how he’s been treating Voight since finding out.

“Can I not have a real argument against him? I’ve got to back him all the time because that’s what you do?” Halstead argues. In response, Upton says she’s not sure their relationship can get back to where it was before all this.

That gave “Chicago PD” fans pause; we’ve spent however long waiting for those two to get together, and something like this might ruin it forever. Halstead sending his future wife to prison will definitely ruin it, that’s for sure.

The new “Chicago PD” episode airs on Dec. 8 at 10 on NBC. Something tells me this isn’t the end of Halstead’s decision, and that he’s going to be thinking about this until the close of the season.