‘Chicago PD’: Windy City Native Amy Morton Opened Up on Special Connection Show Has

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago PD’s Amy Morton is proud to be a part of a show that gives back to her native community.

Amy Morton was born and raised in Oak Park, Il—a suburb of the Windy City. So it was kismet when she won the role of Trudy Platt on Chicago PD.

Working on a show that is both based and filmed in her hometown is a special experience for the actress “on a lot of levels.” The main reason Morton appreciates Chicago PD is that it helps support local residents.

“On a professional level, [Chicago PD] is giving jobs to the Chicago community that are very important, not only the actors but also crews as well. That’s a huge deal,” she told TV Fanatic in 2016. “A lot of the extras on our set are actual cops that are making extra money. That gives it an authenticity that is really important.”

But the One Chicago series doesn’t stop there. Chicago PD and its two sister series also showcase true stories from the city, and the writers don’t only focus on the positive headlines. Morton says they balance both the “good” and “ugly” sides of Chicago, which is important to the actress.

“I also think that they’re telling Chicago stories,” she continued. “Some of these stories are ripped from the pages of cops’ files. That I think is really important and they’re not shying away from the ugly part as well as shining a big light on the really good things about the city. So it’s meaningful to me with these very real and three-dimensional stories of people.”

‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Thinks That the True ‘Star’ of the ‘One Chicago’ Franchise is the Namesake City

The One Chicago universe includes three hit NBC series and hundreds of talented actors and actresses. But none of them are the stars of the franchise. That title belongs to the namesake city—Chicago.

At least, that’s how Chicago PD star LaRoyce Hawkins feels. During a September interview with NBC affiliate, King5, the real-life Chicago native said that his hometown is obviously the glue of the franchise. And furthermore, One Chicago brings positive attention to the Windy City.

“I think Chicago being the star of that universe… is my favorite part about it, you know,” he gushed. “Oftentimes, you know, Chicago is representative reflected, because of its history, a certain way. We have the opportunity of telling a different part of that truth. And when our characters go over there and hold it down the same or differently, it’s kind of like going to your cousin’s house or his family, it’s fun and you know you’re gonna get fed.”