‘Chicago PD’ Writers Used Real Part of Tracy Spiridakos’ Life When Creating Hailey Upton

by Joe Rutland

Tracy Spiridakos sees a little of her own life reflected in Hailey Upton on the NBC police drama Chicago PD. How does that make her feel?

She talked about it a bit when she did an interview with Awards Daily.

“It always feels like the first day of school,” Spiridakos said. “You walk in and you’re a little nervous. I just want to love everybody. They were all so lovely and I felt comfortable there right away. I remember walking in and thinking to myself to just enjoy it and whatever happens, will happen.

“So the first three episodes, there were nerves,” she said, “but I enjoyed it and thought it would be a cool experience no matter what.

“When I left and I got told I’d be coming back, I got so excited,” Spiridakos said. “But then I got more nervous because then I really thought, ‘I really like all of them and I want to stay forever.’ I think coming back to season five was where I got most nervous, but so far it’s been so good.”

Chicago PD is currently in its ninth season on NBC. The Dick Wolf-created show is part of the One Chicago franchise of shows that airs on Wednesday nights. The other two shows are Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.

‘Chicago PD’ Storyline Puts Spiridakos’ Upton In Middle of Walton Murder

With a murder storyline that reaches back to Season 8, Chicago PD is putting Spiridakos’ Hailey Upton character in hot water.

What is happening here? Well, she might face some serious consequences.

Put Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe, and Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, into the mix and there’s work to do.

Upton shot and killed Roy Walton as Season 8 ended. But she let Voight cover it up.

With this going on, the FBI starts looking into Walton not being found. All of this, though, started coming to a head in the episode titled Fractures.

FBI Agents Pry Into Hailey Upton’s Life And Try To Get Her To Talk

FBI agents start looking at members of the Intelligence Unit, which Voight oversees. Well, Upton is sticking with her story. Halstead finds himself a part of the doom and gloom finding life in their relationship and careers.

Upton still possibly could get arrested once the story doesn’t stay secret anymore.

FBI agents tried looking into Upton’s past with domestic abuse towards women.

“You know what men do,” one of them tells Hailey. “You’ve seen it your whole life. You saw what Roy Walton did. One woman on your team, you saw what he did to her. Roy Walton’s dead. You covered it up.”