Chris Evans in Talks To Play Gene Kelly in New Film

by Samantha Whidden

Potentially adding a new role to his already impressive resume, Captain America star Chris Evans is reportedly in talks to play Gene Kelly in an upcoming film that’s being produced by John Logan.

Variety reports that sources close to the project revealed that it will be based on Chris Evan’s original idea. The story apparently follows a 12-year-old boy who worked on the MGM lot in the 1950s. The boy finds an imaginary friend in Kelly while working on his newest film. 

Chris Evans will also produce the film alongside Logan, who is the script’s writer. Rina Johnson and Ram Bergman’s T-Street Productions will also serve as producers, along with Mark Kassen. However, no studios are on board with the project quite yet. 

The media outlet reports that Chris Evan previously worked with Johnson and Bergman in 2019 for the film Knives Out. The film’s sequel is currently in post-production. Logan’s previous works include Gladiator, The Aviator, Sweeney Todd, and James Bond’s Skyfall. 

Chris Evans Opens Up About His Acting Process 

During a 2020 interview with Backstage, Chris Evans shared details about his acting career processing. “I’ve met some actors who are wildly self-aware; wildly self-possessed; incredibly intelligent people. I’ve also met actors who have no idea what’s going around them at any given moment.”

Chris Evans said both types of actors can turn into phenomenal performances. “It really begs the question: What is going on in your head when you see a piece of paper with a bunch of words?” 

When asked if there is some sort of “formula” to acting, Chris Evan answered, “The only conclusion I can draw is that there is no formula. I think it’s meant to be in a constant state of rebirth. It’s this organic, living thing that you have to re-examine with every character.”

While discussing his life prior to acting, Chris Evan stated that he wrote New York City casting offices about interning for them. He said he figured he should probably have a job that brought him into contact with agents. During his time as a casting assistant for Spin City, Evans revealed that he ended up talking to agents every day. 

In terms of auditions, Chris Evans declared, “Ninety-five percent of the work is rejection. Those first 10 years, you’ve got to put the gloves on for every job and you’ve got to get in the ring.”

In regards to his own acting advice, Chris Evans went on to add, “The most useful tool I could [recommend] to an actor or to anybody is cultivated the active participation of silence your mind, cultivate the ability to surround to the moment. I guess it sounds a little pretentious, but that really is all acting, isn’t it?”