Chris Farley Remembered by Jim Carrey Near Anniversary of His Death

by Chase Thomas

It’s hard to believe comedic legend Chris Farley has been gone for as long as he has now. It’s over 24 years now since the iconic SNL star passed away. Another iconic comedic actor, Jim Carrey, remembered Chris Farley near the anniversary of his death.

In a new tweet, Carrey wrote, “Do you believe in angels? I do. ;^}” Carrey also attached a photo of the two of them together from long ago.

It should be noted that Carrey and Farley never actually worked with one another. It’s hard to believe that was never the case in the 1990s when both were at the top of their careers navigating in similar waters. Still, the two never crossed paths in a movie or a television show. Still, it was a beautiful tweet by Carrey and Farley’s loss is still felt by so many folks all these years later.

Jim Carrey on ‘Dumb & Dumber’

There was Tommy Boy and there was Dumb & Dumber. Although neither Farley or Carrey worked with the other in either movie, both comedic films remain classics still to this day. Both movies are easily quotable and still very much a part of the American culture.

Carrey spoke with Den Of Geek about working as Lloyd Christmas and said, “Well, first of all, with Dumb And Dumber there’s nothing in my mind. That’s the key. I’m pretty blank when I go in because all that Lloyd thinks about, really, is himself. He loves Harry but when push comes to shove, he’s in it for him.” You get where he’s coming from. One should not put much thought into Lloyd. That’s what makes him great.

He continued, “I don’t know if you could nail down a process. Every movie is different for me and my method always changes but with Dumb And Dumber, I get together with the Farrelly Brothers, maybe a month beforehand. We sit down and jam on ideas, come up with all sorts of horrifying things that will shock people.” It’s all very free-flowing in the movie-making process. It’s interesting that Carrey continually changes things up, though.

He concluded, “Everybody wanted to be a part of this. That’s a great thing about it. Dumb And Dumber has become something that’s part of the fabric of our culture. People literally wouldn’t ever leave me alone about it and that’s why I did the sequel. People hounded me until I decided to do it. It’s really wonderful, though, and the first time we saw the characters coming off the bus in the movie, in all the old clothes, I felt a warm feeling. It was like seeing family that I hadn’t seen in a long while.”

It was one of the biggest comedies of all time. Still, you can see why it was hard to move on from the role. Folks missed Harry and Lloyd. However, it clearly still meant a lot to Carrey to be able to make another film.