Christmas Eve TV Marathons You Don’t Want to Miss From ‘Indiana Jones’ to Holiday Classics

by Jonathan Howard

This time of year is special. Families get together for some good traditions including watching Christmas Eve TV marathons with our favorite films.

Each year, everyone knows they can expect a big long marathon of A Chrismas Story. The classic 1983 Christmas film has it all. Ralphie, the Red Ryder BB gun, and of course, the good ole tongue on the flagpole gag. Usually, you can expect to get 24 hours straight of the holiday classic and that remains true this year.

On Christmas Eve, TBS as well as TNT will air an entire day’s worth of the film. So, plan accordingly.

Also up on the holiday movie marathon schedule is a special one at SundanceTV. That Christmas classic film, White Christmas featuring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen, and Rosemary Clooney. It has all the dancing, singing, and romance that you could ask for on the night before Christmas.

Outside of the usual holiday favorites, there are some other films that will be on repeat. The Paramount Network is planning to have an Indiana Jones marathon starting with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. After that, we are going to see the original three movies play back-to-back-to-back.

Christmas Eve is going to be really special with all of these marathons.

Other Great Holiday Films Airing Christmas Eve and Beyond

With Christmas falling on a weekend this year, it makes things a bit more special. A weekend holiday can feel like a real break from the duties and responsibilities we all have. If you don’t want to watch those Christmas Eve specials, or after you have watched A Christmas Story three times in a row, take the time to catch other great films.

When I was growing up, Freeform was ABC Family and always the go-to channel for the holidays. That thankfully has not changed much over the years and the name change. On the Eve of Christmas, you can catch the Tim Allen movie series, The Santa Clause.

These movies are some modern classics. Tim Allen’s character famously kills Santa and takes over in his place after donning the suit. There’s some misunderstood sleigh rides with his son that look like kidnappings, and a lot of funny moments along the way.

Of course, the Will Ferrel classic, Elf is going to be airing. You can catch that film on Starz throughout the night on Friday. When we get to the big day, we see a lot of other great films.

Don’t miss out on The Grinch. Fans will get to see the Jim Carrey live-action version of the story on Freeform Christmas day. Then the Benedict Cumberbatch voice-over remake of the original cartoon will also air on the family channel. There are a number of great films being shown the day after Christmas as well.

From Christmas Eve to the 26th, there will be lots of great holiday films. Oh, and don’t forget about Rudolph’s Shiny New Year. That is a personal favorite of mine. Island hopping through time with Rudolph and friends is a great treat each year.