Classic Tom Selleck Western Is Now Streaming on HBO Max

by Joe Rutland

Those Blue Bloods fans who want another way to watch Tom Selleck on TV have a new choice: HBO Max. Why would they want the platform?

Because the streaming service has one of his western movies on for viewing. That’s right. Let’s see which movie it is with some help from an article on Pop Culture.

The Selleck movie happens to be Quigley Down Under, which hit the movie screens in 1990. The film stars him as American cowboy Matthew Quigley. It was directed by Simon Wincer and the script was written by John Hill.

Tom Selleck Character Sees His Marksmanship Needed In Australia For Movie

So, Tom Selleck as Quigley responds to a newspaper advertisement to offer his special talents. But the cowboy learns he’s going to Australia. His marksmanship and gun-handling skills will be helping the British overtake Aboriginal Australians.

But Quigley refuses and the storyline goes from there. Other cast members included Alan Rickman, who won the London Film Critics’ Circle Award, and Laura San Giacomo.

Here’s a little more backstory about the movie. Hill had the idea of writing his script starting back in 1974. A producer optioned it in 1979 to make a film with the legendary Steve McQueen. Sadly, his death in 1980 pushed the movie off the production line.

Actor Did Other Movies Than ‘Quigley Down Under’ In His Career

By 1987, the Tom Selleck movie landed at Warner Bros. and he got the lead role. Selleck asked for an Australian to direct it and in walks Winder. But Quigley Down Under did so-so in reviews and just made enough to even out on budget.

What was the biggest Tom Selleck movie in 1990? Easy. Three Men and a Little Lady, which is the sequel to Three Men and a Baby. Also airing on HBO Max from the Selleck movie world is Frank Oz’s In & Out from 1997. Besides him, the movie also stars Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack, Debbie Reynolds, and Matt Dillon.

Obviously, Selleck has found himself part of a solid TV show in Blue Bloods. He plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan along with being the patriarch of the Reagan family. Fans really love watching scenes where Selleck and other cast members gather at the Reagan dinner table to discuss matters of life and police work.

Frank also can defer to his own father, Henry Reagan, played by Len Cariou. The back-and-forth between those two characters is worth dialing into on Friday nights on CBS. Others on the show include Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, and Will Estes. The new episodes are going to be stopping, though, as a hiatus will put them on delay until after the Winter Olympics. Go watch a Selleck movie, too.