Clint Eastwood Once Performed an Impromptu Fight Scene at 81-Years-Old

by Madison Miller

Clint Eastwood may be getting up there in age, but he’s still the tough-as-nails cowboy fans grew to love during his ongoing decades in the entertainment world.

He proved this to a room full of Hollywood A-listers and producers working on the movie “J.Edgar.” This movie is about the first head of the FBI. It has a script from Dustin Lance Black and Brian Grazer served as the producer. However, they needed some help taking the film off the ground so they brought Clint Eastwood in as the director to help move things along.

The 2011 movie stars big names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, and Naomi Watts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eastwood stepped forward to teach DiCaprio and Hammer how to properly perform an epic fighting scene.

“Clint was there with one of his stunt-guy friends, Buddy Van Horn, and they put on an impromptu fight scene for us. There’s Buddy standing in the middle of the room and Clint says, ‘I think it should be something like this’ — and he explodes into Clint Eastwood the fighter and they start smacking each other around and rolling on the floor. And then Clint just gets up and says, ‘OK, something like that,’” Hammer shared. Keep in mind, at the time, Eastwood was around 81 years old. Despite that, he was still rolling around and throwing some fake punches with his friend Buddy.

Luckily, these actors got to learn from one of the best. Eastwood has had no shortage of fighting scenes during his long career, especially in his popular Western roles.

Clint Eastwood Talks About Age

Now, about a decade later from “J.Edgar,” Eastwood is still not showing any signs of slowing down. He may be less likely to get into a nasty fighting scene, but he’s still just as active in the entertainment world.

His most recent movie, which he directed and starred in, was “Cry Macho.” During this film, Eastwood got to ride a horse for the first time in three decades. He hadn’t been on a horse for a movie since making “Unforgiven.” He also got to throw a punch, although it may not be as strong as it was maybe four decades ago.

All in all, the movie was far more relaxed and sweet than is typically associated with the Western and action star’s filmmaking resume. This is likely because Eastwood has no intention to retire, rather, he is just adapting and growing with his age.

“What the hell am I still working for in my 90s? Are people going to start throwing tomatoes at you? I’ve gotten to the point where I wondered if that was enough, but not to the point where I decided it was. If you roll out a few turkeys, they’ll tell you soon enough,” Eastwood said during an interview with the Los Angeles Times.