Clint Howard Once Visited Iconic ‘Andy Griffith’ Fishing Hole

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images)

Clint Howard, brother of Ron Howard, managed to make a visit to the fishing hole that appeared in The Andy Griffith Show.

Now, Clint Howard played Leon in some of the early season episodes of the famed CBS sitcom.

In this clip from the “Mayberry Man” YouTube channel, he joins the host for a trip down memory lane.

Take a look as they head to the “Ol’ Fishin’ Hole.”

Of course, his brother Ron played Opie Taylor throughout the show’s run on CBS.

Clint Howard would move on from playing Leon and, ultimately, join up with another TV actor in Gentle Ben. Clint played Mark Wedloe, who was the son of Florida game warden Tom Wedloe in the show.

OK, who played Wedloe? None other than Dennis Weaver, who gained recognition as Chester Goode on Gunsmoke.

The fishing hole always appears in the opening credits of Griffith’s sitcom. The black-and-white one ran throughout the sitcom’s early run. Once the show went to color TV episodes, Griffith and Howard reshot the opening sequence.

Clint Howard Does Not Remember First Appearance on ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

OK, Outsiders, would you remember when you first started working…if that was at age 2?

Yeah, well don’t be too surprised that Clint Howard cannot remember his first time on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

The actor turned 62 in April 2021. That means he’s been in show business for 60 of his 62 years.

He went on the Griffith show and played Leon.

Clint Howard spoke to The AV Club about this time in his life. He was 2 years old when he played Leon.

“What I remember are the conversations and the talks with Mom and Dad about all this,” Howard said. “But I do not remember when I started in the entertainment business.”

As a Child Star, Clint Howard Definitely Made the Rounds On Different Shows

So, when does Clint Howard really remember his work as a child actor?

“I really start having memories in show business at about the age of five,” he said. “So, like I tell people, I’ve been paying attention for about 55 years and have actually been in the business for 60.”

What other shows did Clint Howard do at a young age?

Clint remembered a number of show business projects he worked on back in the day.

Please Don’t Eat The Daisies,” he said. “I did all the Westerns. Years later, I did The Streets Of San Francisco. I did two episodes of The Fugitive. I did an episode of F.B.I. In writing [The Boys], Ron and I went back—because we never talked shop at home.”

The Howard brothers have a memoir, “The Boys: A Memoir Of Hollywood And Family.”