Comedian George Lopez Reportedly Falls Ill During New Year’s Eve Stand Up

by Liz Holland

Comedian George Lopez abruptly halted his New Year’s Eve performance at a Washington casino Friday. Lopez was performing an NYE comedy set at the Muckleshoot Casino resort in Auburn, Washington when he became ill in the middle of his set. Lopex began struggling around 4 p.m. According to an eyewitness at the show, roughly 30-45 minutes into his performance Lopez started sweating. He began asking for water before someone in front eventually offered some after no one brought the performer any. 

Witness Sabrina Alvarez says, “You could tell something was wrong, but it was not clear what was wrong.” It didn’t take long before George Lopez apologized to the audience and left the stage. An ambulance was called, but it’s unclear if Lopez left the scene in the ambulance or not. 

George Lopez Abruptly Cancels Performance

A few hours later, the Muckleshoot Casino Twitter account announced the cancellation of George’s scheduled 8 p.m. performance. The tweet didn’t provide much insight into details of what exactly happened to the performer. The announcement reads, “It is with sincere apologies that we must announce the cancellation of tonight’s 8 p.m. performance by George Lopez. Please contact your point-of-sale for refund information.” 

The casino later announced that the 8 p.m. performance is rescheduled for March 18th. However, it looks like those who attended the 4 p.m. show won’t be getting a rescheduled performance. About an hour after the cancellation was announced, the casino tweeted again regarding the new performance. “We are pleased to share tonight’s canceled 8 p.m. performance by George Lopez has been rescheduled to Friday, March 18,” the post says.

One fan replied, asking about the 4 p.m. performance. @boricuagrl7 writes, “What will happen to those of us that had tickets for the 4 p.m. show that stopped abruptly?”

The casino replied, “Hi Heidi, We will not be able to offer a rescheduled 4 p.m. show. Please seek refund information at your point of sale.”

Why Lopez Loves Being a Comedian

Fans shared their well wishes online, as many asked Lopez how he’s feeling, and sent him their best. One fan tweeted about the event, “I hope my tio @georgelopez is feeling better…” At the time of writing, Lopez has not made any comment on social media regarding the situation. We hope he’s okay! 

George Lopez has certainly displayed love for being a comedian, loud and proud. In a 2019 interview with NPR, he opened up about why he loves the art form of comedy so much, after doing it for 40 years. Lopez says, “I love it. Yes. It is the freest form of expression, even though people get upset. It is the only place that you can truly have free speech. Politically, you can’t. And you skirt around issues. And I think skirting around issues and being politically correct is what’s dividing the country, in a sense. You don’t want to get to where you’re using words that incite. But images and misperceptions, those should always be funny.”