‘Comic Book Men’ Star Robert Bruce Reportedly Found Dead in Storage Facility

by Maggie Schneider

Reality TV star Robert Bruce was found dead inside of a storage facility this weekend. Known for appraising collectibles on “Comic Book Men,” the 62-year-old’s body was recovered Friday after his family reported him missing.

A family friend found Bruce at the City Center Plaza Professional Records Storage Facility in Red Bank, New Jersey. Police arrived at the scene around 6:30 p.m. Friday night after receiving the call.

His family told law enforcement their belief that Bruce had been living in his storage unit. The “Comic Book Men” star used the facility space as his office.

Law enforcement does not suspect foul play. They are investigating his death and ask citizens to contact the Red Bank Police Department with any leads.

Who Was Robert Bruce?

Fans of Robert Bruce remember him for his passion for pop culture. Appearing on 34 episodes of “Comic Book Men,” he was an expert on antiques and collectibles. His IMDb page includes both consulting and production credits for 82 episodes of the show. His friend Ben Leach talks about his knowledge with The Post Sunday.

“He knew genuine quality antiques, he knew early 20th century, pin-back buttons for political candidates, he was an expert on those,” he says. “He’s really one of the early people to bring awareness of Japanese toys to the East Coast.”

Leach adds that Bruce was a “fixture of a lot of flea markets.” His last Instagram post is from December 22, 2021. The scene shows the “pop-culturist” at a big outdoor market event.

“I think people these days have taken for granted that eBay, you can look up anything on eBay, you can look up anything on Google,” he shares. “He was aware of this stuff before anything like that existed.”

Fan Reactions To The News

Fans and friends are commenting on Bruce’s last image today. They are mourning the loss of a legend.

“What a perfect picture. Best pic to have been his last. R.I.P.,” one fan writes.

“was just talking about you on NYE friend! you will be missed by many,” another says.

“RIP Rob. Always a pleasure to see you show off your collection,” @mrspawntrap comments.

All in all, Leach says that “Comic Book Men” only shows a small piece of Bruce’s genius.

“I think for people who knew him through ‘Comic Book Men,’ where he would appraise toys and other various collectibles, that really did not scratch the surface of the knowledge that he had,” Leach says.

We are sending our condolences to Bruce’s family and loved ones. The “King of Collecting” keeps his crown.