Could ‘American Pickers’ Be Canceled Amid Ratings Drop After Frank Fritz’s Firing?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

With a new season of American Pickers already bleeding viewers, folks have to be wondering if the Frank-less show will last.

There is no word about a potential cancellation. However, if the numbers keep diving, one has to think about it. Frank Fritz was a major part of the show. His absence has been very obvious to fans that have announced their frustrations almost weekly for the last year.

American Pickers pulled in under 1 million viewers for the first time ever. 22 full seasons. Over 10 years of shows. And, it is clear that the product has now been messed with. The last episode only garnered 859,000 viewers. That is much lower than the 1.25 million or so viewers that typically tuned in to the show when Fritz was still on board.

The fan distaste might have more to do with the way Frank was taken off the show versus the action itself. Frank was apparently recovering from back surgery. Then, he realized he needed to go to rehab for alcohol addiction. According to Fritz, Mike Wolfe was not in contact with him through the process at all. It has been over two years since the two have spoken directly.

The show worked because Mike and Frank were the ultimate buddy duo. A tall and slender nerdy guy paired up with the short and stout and sometimes gruff friend. The chemistry was obvious and they both looked like they were having a good time on camera. Not to mention the small spots and hideouts they would find to pick at. Old farms, outbuildings, cars, and rare items in seemingly the most random places in the country.

American Pickers fans just think that Robbie is far too boring. They aren’t as interested in the product.

‘American Pickers’ Struggles to Retain Viewers

In Movie Magic Picking, the latest episode, Mike and Robbie found some great items. So, why didn’t fans tune in? It has to be their feelings about Frank not being on the show anymore. When this thing split into two different parties, it is clear what side won the sympathy here from American Pickers fans.

Despite the fact that Robbie and Mike have been finding great items it just isn’t clicking. They were able to pick through old movie props from movies like Gremlins and The Beast. The brothers were also able to find a script from Terminator 2. But, are those the things that fans want to see from the show? Or do they want the rusty gold and Americana that the earlier seasons focused on so much?

There are clearly many reasons why American Pickers is struggling. Frank. Robbie. Perhaps the content? The fact that the show dipped under a million for the first time ever is cause for concern. Is cancellation on the table for one of History Channel’s top programs in the last decade?