‘Criminal Minds’: Did the BAU Revolve Around This Character?

by Chase Thomas

Criminal Minds was a beloved show, and there is a reason that it lasted a decade. It was carried by a routinely stacked cast of characters that began with Agent Gideon and then Agent Hotch and then Agent Prentiss. The show never wavered when characters in the BAU cycled in and out of the FBI. That’s a difficult needle to thread to be sure. However, folks are asking whether or not the BAU revolved more around this character than others.

Agent Derek Hotch. Following Gideon’s early departure, Agent Hotch became the leader of the BAU and soared in the role for many years, even combatting issues from above that made his job far more difficult than what was necessary.

One fan on Reddit posted the thread and wrote about their rewatch of the program that, “I really miss Hotch. I’m rewatching through the seasons and he has really been the anchor for everyone in the team. He is their big brother. I miss how he does little gestures to show he cares even though he is very grim most of the times. Like the episode where he stayed later instead of rushing home to Jack because Garcia was feeling defeated and sad about having to stay at work during the Dirty Dozen hunt. Or when he told JJ to give the team 10 minutes to celebrate when Derek comes back. “

There were so many moments where Hotch was faced with a leadership dilemma and stepped up to the plate. He played a pivotal role in so many other characters’ lives. Fans agreed with the OP about his general sentiment on Hotch and Criminal Minds. Another fan wrote, “Agree. He was the last anchor of the show. When he leaves, the rest of the cast seems less functional. Too much cast turnover will do that.”

Shemar Moore on ‘Criminal Minds’

Shemar Moore was just as important to Criminal Minds as Agent Hotch, depending on who you ask. His departure was tough, too.

He told AssignmentX even he was surprised by its rise, “Not because I didn’t think it was good, but I didn’t know what it was, I just knew it was another cop show and I was like, ‘There’s a hundred and two cop shows, why do they need a hundred and three?’ And then we got picked up. I was like, ‘Great, I’ve got a job.’ I was happy to be an actor with a job. And then in Season 1, all of a sudden, we started to find our legs and find our own identity, and then by Season 2 and especially 3, I will never say that we’re the best show on television, or better than another show, but I will probably say that I believe that as far as network television goes, we are a very unique show.”

The rest was history as they say. You can watch Criminal Minds on Paramount Plus.