‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Agree Which Season Is the Weakest Link

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Criminal Minds is one of the most iconic shows of the 21st century. The show became an instant hit on CBS, and it ran for fifteen seasons on the network. The show excelled for a multitude of reasons, but one of those was the cast and how well they worked with one another. However, with fifteen seasons, not all will be ranked and viewed the same. Fans will likely prefer some seasons over others. Well, Criminal Minds fans are no different.

In a new Reddit poll, fans tended to gravitate towards the first season as the worst of the bunch—when the show was still figuring it all out. Interestingly, Season 2 was just behind it. So, the seasons with Agent Gideon leading the team were the least well-regarded in this particular poll.

However, some Reddit users disagreed. One user wrote about Season 5, “Season 5. Excluding Hotch’s arc, there were few truly memorable episodes with nothing comparable to the writing of the other seasons. And the backdoor pilot for ‘Suspect Behaviour’ was a real stinker.”

JJ Rejoins ‘Criminal Minds’

JJ leaving the team was hard for a number of Criminal Minds fans. She was a fan-favorite, along with her relationship with Agent Reid and their friendship.

AJ Cook, who played JJ, told The TV Addict, “JJ was sort of let go because someone thought she wasn’t needed there, so I obviously wasn’t going to go back to a role that someone thought wasn’t important. So when we started talking about where JJ has been, what has she been doing, she’s been out working with the State Department, she’s been doing this whole cover operation with Prentiss [Paget Brewster] there was just this sense of maturity and JJ just felt like a new woman and we decided it would be sort of natural progression of things to make her a profiler. “

She was doing a different job with the team. Then, to bring her back, she needed a different role. She became a profiler and never looked back in the BAU.

Cook concluded, “She would have this unique fresh take on it because she is new at profiling but at the same time she has this unfair advantage because she has been working with these guys for so long and in a way she has always been a profile, she’s had to profile cases, she’s the one who picks cases to bring to the team, she profiles the case, brings it to these guys to profile the killer.”

Her novices were critical to her new role on the team. You can watch “Criminal Minds” on Paramount Plus.