‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Are Particularly Creeped Out by One Season

by Amanda Glover

Fans of the hit CBS crime drama, “Criminal Minds” are aware the show gets pretty creepy sometimes. But one specific season made fans more uncomfortable.

Even though “Criminal Minds” wrapped up a 15-season run, fans still find themselves glued to their screens as the Behavioral Analyst Unit (BAU) does their thing. The extraordinary team hunts down some of the country’s dangerous serial killers. Although the team included many fascinating members, the bad guys caught fans’ attention as well. The unknown subjects (unsubs) are the most disturbed, deranged, inhuman criminals the BAU ever witnessed.

According to fans over the years, top contenders for most frightening unsubs include The Prince of Darkness (Tim Curry), George Foyet (C. Thomas Howell), The Replicator (Mark Hamil), and Floyd Ferell. As someone who watched the full series, I do not disagree.

Although every season of “Criminal Minds” featured disturbing criminals, Season 9 is where fans found themselves most creeped out. A Reddit user even started a thread that read: “.the people in charge of season 9 have some weird a** brains.” As a huge fan of the show, I am happy to admit that I’ve never voluntarily re-watched Season 9 due to it’s creepiness.

The first two episodes of Season 9 opened with “The Inspiration” and “The Inspired.” In the episode, a young Wallace Hines has an obsession with praying mantises. As an odd adult, Wallace experienced disturbing delusions and used his childhood obsession as inspiration for his murders.

Even though Agent Aaron Hotchner (Hotch) killed serial killer George Foyet in Season 5. He reappeared in Season 9 when Hotch hallucinates in the hospital. In the hallucination, Hotch sits with his late wife in a movie theater, as well as her murderer, Foyet.

As a Reddit user says: “Any season with George Foyet was creepy.”

More On the ‘Criminal Minds’ Season That Creeped Fans Out

In the Season 9 episode, “The Edge of Winter,” Agent Derek Morgan performs witness preparation duties with the latest victim, Daria Samsen. She is the only surviving victim of a serial abductor and torturer.

Viewers find out that Daria fell in love with her kidnapper during captivity. A year later, she continues to suffer from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. In a darker twist, viewers learn that Daria actually joined her kidnapper in the torture and murder of other victims. This made her the submissive half of the cruel partnership.

It definitely doesn’t end there, Outsiders. One of the season’s most messed-up unsubs was more than one person. In “Gabby”, the BAU investigates the disappearance of a four-year-old girl named Gabby Hoffer. She was taken from a gas station while her older cousin, Sue, goes inside to get milk. After examining the security camera footage, the BAU finds out Sue had planned the abduction.

Viewers find out that Sue’s parents died, she suffered se**al abuse. To get back at Gabby’s mother, Sue arranged to hang her young cousin off to an awful “family” of child traffickers.

Watch if you dare, Outsiders.