‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Are Still Puzzled Why One Character Hated Hotch

by Chase Thomas

Criminal Minds had an all-time run on CBS for many, many years. One of the reasons the show worked for so long started at the top — Agent Hotch. Hotch was the quiet, thoughtful leader of the BAU for many seasons after Gideon left. He was a serious character to be sure, but he cared about his team and their families and who they were in the field. However, there was always one character, his boss, actually, that was never a fan of Aaron Hotchner. She wanted him gone and that was Erin Strauss. Fans, though, are still puzzled why this one character hated Hotch.

The biggest reason that folks on Reddit could surmise as to why Erin wanted to upend him and his team in the BAU was because of who Hotch was — someone who was obsessed with his job and moving up the ladder in the FBI. This makes sense, especially when you consider her planting Emily in the BAU early on.

One user wrote, “In my opinion, she saw how hard he worked and was afraid he would come after her job.”

Another user wrote, “The show explained it as hotch’s ambition. Before Hayley died all he wanted was to advance his career and eventually be head of the fbi. They aren’t even close but when his focus switched to putting away bad guys she back off the unit.”

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to this question. It is never completely clear why Erin was so hard on Hotch, but these points certainly make sense on Criminal Minds.

Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Worked

Most shows don’t get fifteen seasons. Criminal Minds did. The cast of the show sat down with TV Insider to explain why the show worked and why folks fell in love with the characters, even as so many came and went over the years.

Kirsten Vangsnessur said, “authenticity and our chemistry is undeniable, both as human beings and the characters. When you add intrigue and mystery to that … You can’t bottle our — they made a two-season successful spinoff, and then they made another one — but it was this group of people, this specific cocktail of people, add in a couple — what did we call our last group, you guys?”

Chemistry goes a long way. With that many folks, it could have gone a multitude of ways and instead everything worked to perfection, which is what you want to see.

AJ Cook continued, “Number one, there’s 15 seasons, so there’s lots to get through, and for whatever reasons, we as humans are fascinated by serial killers. It’s just always been that way. With our show, there’s lessons to be learned in a way. You maybe learn something that you didn’t know before, where you feel a little more protected out in life afterward.”

Criminal Minds ended after 15 seasons.