‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Believe the Show Dropped the Ball When It Came to These Storylines

by Chase Thomas

Criminal Minds is one of the most iconic television programs of the 21st century on CBS. It soared for so many years in part because of how much fans loved spending part of their week with Agent Reid and Agent Morgan and so on and so forth. As many things as the show have done right, some Criminal Minds fans believe the show dropped the ball when it came to these storylines.

Fans on Reddit have been debating which storylines and plots they disliked the most on Criminal Minds.

One user on Reddit wrote, “Those episodes with Barnes. I hated the ones she was in and she didn’t add anything for me. They are just episodes I skip now when I rewatch.”

Another user wrote, “Morgan’s gf who shows up out of nowhere and we have no idea what she’s like but all of the sudden she’s pregnant with his kid and he’s going to marry her. I know Shemar wanted out but, c’mon.”

A common thread seems to be how the show wrote folks in and out of the program that frustrated people whether it was JJ or Morgan or Hotch, etc.

Joe Mantegna on ‘Criminal Minds’

Mantegna has had quite the run on Criminal Minds as Agent Rossi. It was a tough situation for the veteran actor to find himself in. Folks had grown attached to Agent Gideon and the way his character worked on the show. Rossi and Gideon were two very different characters and had very different goals. Gideon was a leader and wanted to run things, while that was not the case for Rossi who just wanted to be a long for the ride.

But how did he want Rossi to finish out his career in the BAU on Criminal Minds? It’s fair to wonder what the right kind of ending for him would have been.

Mantegna told Collider, “I’d probably lean more towards the island thing, myself. We get enough tragedy and violence on the show, that’s inherent to the program, that I don’t need to add to it. “And then, there was the tragedy of Rossi.” For the most part, FBI employees do retire to whatever island it is they go to, and that being the metaphor for whatever choice they make. I would rather represent them. A person can do a job like that and do it for a good amount of time, and then be able to say, “It’s over. I was able to do it. Now, I’m done.” Personally, I hope that doesn’t happen for a good while yet. I’ve still got things to do, and shows to make.”

Rossi enjoyed his time in the program on Criminal Minds. He was not looking to leave and the Rossi character was not considering leaving for a while. He was a nice veteran voice to have around.