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‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Discuss How ‘Beautifully Absurd’ This Character Was

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty Images)

It boggles some fans’ minds when they start talking about certain characters. When it comes to Criminal Minds, there’s one that was absurd.

Beautifully absurd, no less. These fans of the old CBS show that’s still tearing it up in syndication gathered to talk about the character named Gideon, played by Mandy Patinkin.

A thread on Reddit is titled “Can we talk bout how beautifully absurd Gideon was?” We get started by one Redditor’s comments.

That person writes, “1×02, the episode where a serial arsonist was on the loose at a college campus. A kid Gideon talked to earlier no longer has the necklace his girlfriend gave him and admits that it’s because they broke up.

‘Criminal Minds’ Fan Recalls Gideon Holding Fast To Religious Saying

“Why?” the Redditor says. “Because the guy was actually gay and ended up leaving her for another guy, and on top of that, the girlfriend reacted badly and told him he’d receive the Wraith of God for being gay.”

“Gideon (on Criminal Minds) does what any rational person would do in this situation and repeats ‘Wrath of God’ and immediately runs away because he just realized the arsonist could have a religious motive,” this fan writes. “Which is great but also…that kid didn’t know that?? In his perspective, he just came out to the nice FBI agent he was speaking with earlier, and the dude ran away.”

This Redditor finishes by saying how this person missed how Gideon would just stare off into space and take off running once he made a connection during cases.

Another Criminal Minds fan writes, “Oh yeah, that was hilarious. I loved it. I missed Gideon. Either as some sort of mentor and guidance for Reid or just because he was so good at his job because he was so, in absence of a word I would think it would fit better, empathic and open/vulnerable.

Another Fan Points Out on Reddit Thread About Gideon’s ‘List’

“Just look at his chapter with Frank; and Gideon’s ‘list,'” the Redditor writes. “I also liked how he left the unit. The only thing about him I dislike is how the show ended his story.”

Finally, there is this comment about the Criminal Minds charter from this fan.

“Or in the family annihilator episode when he starts screaming in the middle of the night and all the neighbors start waking up,” this fan writes. “He says something like ‘the neighbors didn’t hear them scream because they weren’t screaming’ and then just walks away.

“Like, Gideon you just scared an already terrified neighborhood and you just stroll out of the scene,” this Redditor writes.

And so it goes for another tour in the world of Criminal Minds.