‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Found One Scene Too Disturbing

by Joe Rutland

It is amazing that Criminal Minds fans still love their show after all these years. But there was one scene they simply found to be too much.

Which one could they be talking about? Let’s see with some help from a story by Looper and get down to the matter at hand here.

This scene in question happens in Season 4. The show cast, after Mandy Patinkin and Lola Glaudini, had left, was settling into their roles well on the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. New storylines also had a personal conflict for one or more characters.

There was a moment in Season 4 that was just icky and it involves an unintended confession. What was strange about this? It reveals a child was a killer.

‘Criminal Minds’ Team of Profilers Gets Busy Investigating Murders of Boys

All of this happens in the Criminal Minds episode titled A Shade of Gray. This is when the profilers arrive in Cherry Hill, N.J., and investigate the murders of two boys and the abduction of another named Kyle, who also is murdered.

So, the team gets a pedophile connected with the first two murders. But there is a difference in Kyle’s abduction and body disposal. This does lead them to think that there was another culprit out there responsible for the murder.

This Criminal Minds case just gets weirder. Emily Prentiss, played by Paget Brewster, plays keeper for Kyle’s brother Danny during his parents’ questioning. There is some strange behavior that Danny shows when she gives him a packet of chips. He cannot open it and starts hitting the packet, frustrated.

Prentiss Actually Starts To Notice How Out of Control Brother of Dead Kid Becomes

Prentiss notices and asks Danny if he gets angry a lot. He says that his mom thinks he has a bad temper. Oh boy. All of this takes place after Prentiss notices Danny’s behavior at a press conference. That’s where the parents appealed for Kyle’s safe return.

They keep talking and Danny coughs it up about Kyle interfering in his life. The snapping point? Kyle broke a model airplane that Danny did earlier that day, and it kicked in Danny’s rage. Well, we kind of know where this is going and, sadly, the parents confirm the story about Danny. He killed Kyle.

That scene is just one for the Criminal Minds record books. The kid shows just no hint of apology and his parents’ grief, compiled with their knowledge that family life is ruined forever.

By the way, this show is one of the most popular ones available in the world of streaming services. If you doubt that the show remains popular all these years later, then just look at the devoted fans.