‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Point Out Major Detail That Hurt the Show’s Believability

by Lauren Boisvert

“Criminal Minds” is a beloved cop show, because it’s so much more than just a cop show; it’s about science, and behavior, and human nature. It was interesting and new when it first aired, and fans are still discussing it even after its end in 2020.

But, there’s a major error on the show, stemming from the ways the team conducts themselves on crime scenes. In a post on Reddit, fans discussed inaccurate elements from “Criminal Minds” that took them out of the story.

“They never wear gloves!” commented one fan. “They handle all this evidence at the crime scene with no PPE gear at all. Most shows forget the shoe covers and other stuff but this show has them pressing their clammy oily hands all over fresh evidence.”

Another fan replied, “Idk why they didn’t focus on making that more realistic.” Personally, the lack of gloves always bothers me in shows like “Law & Order.” They’re just creating more work for the forensics team because, realistically, now they have to rule out a cop’s fingerprints. Wear gloves, and avoid that issue.

One fan who seemed to be in school for forensic science replied as well. “Once my teacher made us watch Criminal minds in [forensic science] class and point all the errors,” they wrote. “Eg., Reid not tying hair up. Emily wearing heels on crime scene. Hotch not wearing gloves.” Another user commented on their “non-existent search warrants” as well. “Criminal Minds” doesn’t feature the law as heavily as, say, “Law & Order.” When the “SVU” team needs a search warrant, they’ve always gone straight to the ADA, and we see that involvement. Not so with “Criminal Minds.” So, it may seem like they don’t have search warrants, but that’s just because all that red tape isn’t usually included.

‘Criminal Minds’: Fans Left Baffled Over Team’s Lack of Trust

Fans have been watching old “Criminal Minds” episodes and wondering over one aspect of the show; the fact that the team calls themselves a “family” but keeps enormous secrets.

For example, Hotch doesn’t tell anyone that his wife filed for divorce until she officially split and took their son. Additionally, the team seems to keep romantic relationships a secret. Reid kept his relationship with Maeve under wraps, as well as JJ with Will. Prentiss was even leading a double life, and didn’t tell anyone until she was in desperate need of help.

Fans were even more baffled by one aspect of Garcia and Morgan’s dynamic. Apparently, they both lost parents and didn’t think to bond over that fact. The two were incredibly close on the show, but they never shared what they had in common.

Realistically, there are just some things you don’t talk about at work, no matter how close you are to your co-workers. The team still had ranks they had to follow, and there’s nothing wrong with some personal boundaries.