‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Wish One Short-Lived Character Had More Screen Time

by Chase Thomas

Criminal Minds had one of the best all-time runs on CBS over the last decade-plus. Part of what made the show so endearing and long-lasting for the network was how much folks fell in love with the iconic characters like Agent Reid and Agent Morgan. Folks enjoyed spending a lot of time with the BAU unit. However, some folks on Reddit think one particular character should have gotten more screen time while they were on the team, and that was Alex Blake. More specifically, Agent Blake and Reid had a natural on-screen chemistry that fans gravitated to, similar to how Gideon was with Reid when the show first began.

In a poll on Reddit, the original poster asked the users to select which short-lived character had the most chemistry with Reid and it was Blake by a landslide.

One user wrote, “Blake, no contest. Tara has potential she “gets him” and a had a lovely scene on the plane (synchronicity) but the Tara/Reid friendship was woefully unexplored.”

Another user wrote, “True, Blake has been a great friend, colleague, and mother figure to Reid. Her departure in the BAU, leaving her credentials with Reid was such an emotional scene in its own simple way. Especially when we learned that he reminded her of her son. Plus Reid has had the greatest relationships with females who exert extreme mother hen vibes like JJ, Prentiss, and Garcia.”

Reid and Blake definitely understood each other. Like Gideon. JJ, who Reid was closest to was different. The two were not alike but JJ cared deeply about Reid and looked after him. Blake and Reid were cut from the same cloth.

Agent Reid on ‘Criminal Minds’

Matthew Gray Gubler, who played Reid on Criminal Minds, excelled in the role. However, a lot of folks tend to extrapolate who Gubler was a character to who he actually is as a person in everyday life. In an interview with Assignment X, he cleared a lot of those misconceptions up along filling in the gaps and creases as to what it’s like playing such an iconic character.

Gubler said, “I like Reid the way he is. I know they keep on trying to make him kind of cool. I like first-season Reid, he’s my favorite [version of the character], sort of the naive Reid.” Reid was definitely not cool, but he was definitely naive. Part of that is what drew JJ and Morgan to him and to protect him. Especially Gideon in the early seasons.

However, being an FBI profiler on Criminal Minds over a long time changes a person. He continued on his relationship with Gideon, “I think with Gideon– Mandy’s character was Reid’s mentor and with Joe, Joe’s character versus Mandy’s, I think that Joe is a character that these profilers, et cetera, have known about, but he’s more of the wild card of the bunch, the Pauly Shore of profilers. So he’s more of a wild card and it’s a different affect, for sure.”

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