‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Wish These Stars Got More Screen Time on the Show

by Amanda Glover

Lovers of the hit CBS crime drama, “Criminal Minds” wish these actors received more time on the show. As we all know, the show was constantly changing. From main cast members to storylines, to answers we thought we had to some of their greatest mysteries. But, what should we think about the stars on the show whose story was never finished?

We understand that sometimes actors’ contracts end, or they decide to work on other projects, but still. Sometimes, we have to make up our ending to questions that were never officially answered. Unfortunately, that’s not always good enough for us.

Criminal Minds ran for 15 seasons from September 2005 to February 2020. Many characters left the show permanently, or only to appear as guests. Mandy Patinkin, who played Jason Gideon from 2005 to 2007, left the show for personal reasons. After he made it clear he would not be returning to the series, producers killed off his character off-screen in 2015. Lola Glaudini, who played Elle Greenaway for three early seasons, made the tough decision to leave the show for personal reasons.

Soon after their departure, their characters were replaced. Joe Mantegna played David Rossi, and Paget Brewster played Emily Prentiss. But there were supporting characters in the show who fans wished to see more of.

Brief Characters on ‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Wanted More Of

In Season 4, Episode 21, “A Shade of Grey, nine-year-old Danny Murphy (Kendall Ryan Sanders) was kind of a nightmare. Towards the end of the episode, we find out it was him who killed his four-year-old brother, Kyle, in a fit of rage. We also find out his parents and their police officer friend knew. Afraid of losing another child, the Murphy’s allow their friend to help cover up the truth.

After the BAU is sent to investigate the case and they arrest a local sex offender, they start to believe the crime was committed by someone else. It only further points to Danny after he shows signs of angry outbursts.

In Season 4, Episode 9, 52 Pickup”, fans believe writers of the show missed a great opportunity to give Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) the perfect love interest.

Actress Courtney Ford plays Austin in one episode. Many agree that the two characters had an encounter in the episode that could’ve turned into something more. But even after the two were seen having a pleasant conversation on the phone at the end of the episode, we never saw Ford’s character again. This was AFTER Spencer saved Austin’s life from a serial killer. That sounds like a bond, right?

In Season 11, Episode 8, “Awake”, the BAU chased a serial killer named William (Todd Lowe). The team discovers William’s inspiration for his kills is a man with a skull tattoo on his hand. Although they can capture William, we find out the mentor for the kills is still out there. Unfortunately, the show came to an end without ever mentioning the man with the skull tattoo ever again.