‘Criminal Minds’: Here’s Which BAU Members Have the Highest Kill Counts

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Criminals Minds is one of the most iconic shows in CBS history. The program got over a decade-long run on the network for a variety of reasons. When it debuted, it was a different kind of network show than most folks had been watching at the time.

The original cast, headlined by Agent Gideon, was what hooked folks. Later, it was the ensemble. It was everyone on the BAU. Everyone in the BAU has their own strengths, which makes the show interesting and fresh. Some stay in the tech lab like Garcia, but some go into the field and have to face the villains head-on.

However, because the show went on for so long and because the BAU was tasked with facing off with so many unsubs. It’s fair to wonder which member of the team actually was responsible for the most number of kills on the program. According to Looper, the answer is Agent Hotch by a longshot. However, after him, it might be a surprise as it is Agent Morgan who was responsible for 23 percent of the kills on the show, per Looper. Yes, Agent Morgan loved to joke and smile and have fun with the team. However, when out in the field it was a completely different story.

Joe Mantegna on ‘Criminal Minds’

He may not have begun his journey with the BAU, but Agent Rossi found his way on the program after he replaced Gideon in the show. However, his role was different, as he was not the leader. He was a veteran assistant to Agent Hotch and was the calming presence the team needed around them to keep them engaged and focused.

He told Collider, “I don’t think it’s any more difficult to do either. I’ve been around the block enough times that I know the process pretty well. It’s just an extension of what you wind up doing anyway. I’ve been on the show seven years, and you have a real strong familiarity after awhile. So, it’s not that difficult to step outside of myself to be the character, and then step back and be myself and direct the actor, whether it’s me or anybody else.”

Directing is directing to the Criminal Minds star. He knows everyone and knows the character, and knows how to work it all.

He continued, “It’s just a matter of being comfortable in the environment, which I am. It’s still very demanding, though. It’s not easy. That’s why I only agreed to do one per season, which is plenty for me. Matthew [Gray Gubler] and Thomas [Gibson] are each going to do two each, and they can do that. I’m the veteran of the group. I’m going to let the boys run with that.”

Directing is a tough gig, and it’s far more demanding for Mantegna, as he points out. He preferred to focus on acting.