‘Criminal Minds’: Here’s Why Shemar Moore Decided to Play Hotch

by Chase Thomas

Criminal Minds has been one of the more iconic longtime dramas on television in the 21st century. For a show like Criminal Minds to last as long as it did, tough decisions have to be made at one point or another. Tough decisions like when Agent Hotch had to temporarily leave the team in Season 5 for personal reasons relating to the serial killer they were trying to catch for a long time.

Instead of the role temporarily going to Rossi, the role went instead to Morgan. This surprised a lot of folks then and now because Rossi had the experience and Morgan was still relatively young for the role as the team leader. This also had to do with the Gideon factor from the early seasons, back when he was in charge of the BAU over Hotch before things changed after Gideon departed. The change was always inevitable in this particular department.

Why Morgan in ‘Criminal Minds’?

Well, that answer and question were discussed on Reddit. The original poster posed this question about why it was Morgan, not Rossi, who took over the role for Hotch in the show. One user wrote in response, “I believe its because Rossi doesn’t want to be a leader as he hates paperwork and politics.”

Another wrote, “Rossi has already had his time doing the leadership thing when he and Gideon were creating the BAU. He’s not one for paperwork or bureaucracy, he likes the action. Plus, he can still always contribute as a mentor, and he does.”

This makes sense for the character and why they went with Mogan as the New Hotch. It did not fit his character. He didn’t want to lead, he wanted to be a part of the group, not lead the group. Another good point is that he had already literally done all of that with Gideon. Why take another leadership role when you already got started in the role?

Joe Mantegna on The End of ‘Criminal Minds’

Criminal Minds came to an end after fifteen delightful seasons. Was it hard for Mantegna to leave behind the show he did for so long?

He said, “Well, it was bittersweet. There were a lot of different changes all during the course of the 13 years I was doing the show. But ultimately, it was just a wonderful experience, and I think everybody would agree to that, and especially the final eight of us, as it wound up being. The chemistry seemed really great — not that it wasn’t before, but people do come and go and it changes things. But everybody was pretty much on the same page in the end, in the sense that there was not one of us that felt like “Okay, this is good, we’re glad it’s over, time to move onto something else.” In a heartbeat, I think every one of us would have said, “Let’s do season 16. Let’s do it again.”

Still, what a run for one of the most iconic shows of the last twenty years.