‘Criminal Minds’: James Van Der Beek Opened Up About His Character

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

James Van Der Beek is a popular actor that appeared in several projects. Recently, he opened up about his character on Criminal Minds. In 2007, James played a role in the two-part post-Super Bowl episode of the series. He portrayed Tobias Hankel, who is a young man with Dissociative Identity Disorder. In the show, he appears to be a helpful addition to the team until he kidnaps Dr. Spencer Reid. Soon after the kidnapping, everyone realizes that he is the criminal they are looking for. Did you expect this actor to play such an aggressive role?

Not only are the fans still thinking about this episode, but James is too. In fact, he sat down for an interview in 2020 to discuss his adventures on Criminal Minds. And he admits that he actually enjoyed every minute on this show.

James Van Der Beek Opens Up About Tobias Hankel on Criminal Minds

Looper has the tea for what James Van Der Beek said about his character. They reportedly acknowledged that James felt a little frightened by the role.

“I immediately felt a little bit afraid because I was like, ‘This is a very big stage and a very tricky thing to pull off.'”

Despite all the fear, James quickly got over it and grew more excited about the role overtime.

Van Der Beek also mentioned that the role changed his way of acting. “It’s a new way of working for me,” he said. “I was able to let the reality of the character just flow through. The performance was more energy than acting.”

Furthermore, he kept reminding himself that Tobias Hankel is challenging, which helped him portray the character better.

“What I always forget when I play characters that are really dark and evil is that there’s a lot of pain underneath,” he added. “All of that power and all of that dominance is fueled by pain, sadness, and their own grief and torment.”

Overall, if he didn’t overcome his fear of the character, the two-part episode wouldn’t have been what it is today. According to TV Insider, Criminal Minds ended in February last year. But you can watch Van Der Beek and the rest of the cast throughout the 15 seasons on Hulu.

The Actors Other Roles on Television

Most of you know that James Van Der Beek is most well-known for his role on Dawson’s Creek. In this series, he portrayed Dawson Leery, who is a wannabe director throughout the show.

In a past interview with Wendy Williams, she mentions that he’s had a very successful career. And he immediately chimes in with “I’ve been lucky.” Then they discussed the reunion scene, which you can watch below. You will also hear discussions on his other role in Pose and what it’s like raising five kids with his wife.