‘Criminal Minds’: The Moment Everything Changed for Reid

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Criminal Minds is one of the biggest shows of its era. The CBS hit went on for over a decade. It was beloved by so many folks across the world because of its spectacular writing, but also its stellar cast. The cast that so many folks loved spending time with each week. Everyone had their favorites from Agent Hotch to Agent Morgan to Agent Reid. Reid was the long-timer on the show. He never left and was in it until the end. His character was incredibly different than most and stood out in the BAU. However, there was one moment everything changed for Agent Reid on the CBS show.

The moment came in the first season. Yes, all the way back in Season 1 when Agent Gideon was still leading the team. What stood out about this episode, the sixth in the season was that Reid had not passed his firearms test yet. As an outsider on this front, it was a difficult position for the brainiac of the group to be in. He was on the outside as long as he did not pass this test in the BAU. However, in this episode, both Reid and Hotch are taken hostage by the L.D.S.K. To escape, Hotch has to play into the arrogance of the unsub and hurt Reid. Eventually, though, Reid picks up what’s happening and reacts accordingly. Reid is later placed in a position where he has to shoot the unsub to save the day and does.

This was a huge moment for Reid because Hotch revealed to him after the event that this qualified as passing his firearms test. Reid hilariously reveals, though, that he was aiming for his leg.

Agent Rossi on ‘Criminal Minds’

Another favorite was Agent Rossi, who was played by Joe Mantegna. It was a different role than Gideon, but he was the right kind of balance at the BAU that kept everyone around him grounded.

He told Collider, “Well, it’s a dream come true, is what that is. It’s what you look for. Especially at this stage in my career, I was looking for a way to spend some more time at home and have some logic in my life. I spent many years traveling to do movies or theater, or whatever it was. So, to find something with legs that would keep me local and give me some sort of a life was real attractive to me. But, the trick is to find that. Hundreds and hundreds of shows get done, and you can count on two hands, the ones that can go 10 years, plus. So, I look at it as a real blessing to be in that position. Sometimes things work out.”

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