‘Criminal Minds’: Did Any Stars Appear on Every Episode of Show?

by Keeli Parkey

For more than a decade, “Criminal Minds” showcased a unique group of FBI agents as they did their very best work to hunt down and capture dangerous criminals. The show also gave fans a look into the lives of the main characters of the series.

Speaking of main characters, there were several who appeared in “Criminal Minds” during its successful television run. These included Jason Gideon (played by Mandy Patinkin), Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), Jennifer Jareau (A.J. Cook), Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), David Rossi (Joe Mantega), and Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) – just to name a few.

Most of these characters appeared in hundreds of episodes of the popular procedural drama. However, many fans want to know, was only one of those characters who appeared in every episode of the series? And if so, who was it?

The actor who appeared in the most episodes was none other than Kirsten Vangsness. As fans are aware, she played Penelope Garcia – another quirky character from the series. Vangsness appeared in 321 episodes of the series – only two less than her co-star.

Also, turns out the actor featured in the second most episodes of “Criminal Minds” was Matthew Gray Gubler. As previously said, he played the quirky character Spencer Reid in the popular crime drama. Gubler was in hundreds of episodes of the series. The show was on the air from 2005 until 2020.

Third on the list of the actors and actresses who appeared in the most episodes of “Criminal Minds” was Jennifer Jareau actress A.J. Cook. She is the only other actress who appeared in more than 300 episodes of the series.

Rounding out the top five of the actors who appeared in the most episodes of the series are David Rossi actor Joe Mantega and Aaron Hotchner actor Thomas Gibson. Mantega was in 273 episodes. Gibson appeared in 257 episodes.

Here’s More About ‘Criminal Minds’ Star Matthew Gray Gubler

Because Matthew Gray Gubler appeared in more episodes of “Criminal Minds” than any other actor, it seems fitting that we take a look at the actor and his career.

According to IMDb, the Spencer Reid actor was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 9, 1980. He attended college at New York University. While there, he studied film directing.

His time at NYU gave Gubler a very important opportunity. That was an internship for respected movie director Wes Anderson. This internship led to a role in Anderson’s 2004 film, “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.” Gubler played “Nico” in the film. That character was an intern for Bill Murray’s character.

While working on “Criminal Minds,” Gubler also appeared in other films. These included “500 Days of Summer” in 2009, “Life After Beth” in 2014, and “Suburban Gothic” in 2014.

Gubler also directed several episodes of “Criminal Minds.”