‘Criminal Minds’ Team Dynamic That Fans Didn’t Agree With

by Taylor Cunningham

After rewatching old episodes of Criminal Minds, some fans are wondering why the BAU team members were so secretive with each other.

In the show, the characters referred to themselves as “family.” And for 15 seasons, the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit befriended each other, loved each other, and even risked their lives for each other.

But as a fan recently pointed out on Reddit, their relationships almost seem like a sham.

“If there’s one thing I can’t really understand is that the team always says they’re a family,” fernandabrigoni wrote. “But when it comes to personal lives, they hide everything!”  

In normal professional settings, it’s not uncommon for people to keep their personal lives private. But because the Criminal Minds team was so tight-knit, it does seem odd that they shared so little with each other. And it’s even stranger once you consider the fact that so many plot lines relied on those supposedly deep bonds.

So what details did the characters hide from their work “family”?

Well, one of the most famous secrets was Hotchner and Haley’s separation. The Special Agent in Charge didn’t tell his colleagues about the split until his wife formally left and took their son during.

Then, Reid hid his relationship with Maeve from the team for months. And JJ followed suit when she kept her relationship with Will a secret for over a year.

Also, Emily was leading a double life for quite some time. And her so-called friends only found out when she needed help.

“They’re all friends,” the Redditor continued. “But [they] don’t seem to trust each other so much.”

Another user agreed with the comment and added that Morgan and Garcia were a particularly boggling duo.

The poster understood some of the Criminal Mind’s secrets, particularly because they helped keep the show dramatic. But they were rattled by how much those two characters hid from each other.

“I don’t get that Morgan and Garcia especially didn’t share that they had both lost parents,” they continued. “It seems like something fairly significant they would bond over.”

Fans of ‘Criminal Minds’ Thought the Team Wanted Personal Boundaries

Though some Criminal Minds fans were displeased with all the personal secrets, a surprising number of commenters thought it was completely normal.

And user Ok-Painting4471 summed up what most fans wrote in a single post.

“Of course they were family, and I imagine that they did trust each other a lot. But I think there’s just some things that people don’t tell each other, especially if they’re not 100% comfortable with it,” they wrote.

“Hotch was the leader at that time and probably viewed his ongoing divorce as something that wasn’t exactly appropriate to talk to about his subordinates. Emily’s entire past was classified lol,” he continued. “I don’t think she was allowed to talk about what she’d gone through with Doyle. JJ did take a while to admit it, but her team knew about it anyways. As for Maeve, Blake knew about her but I’m guessing Reid didn’t really feel the need to tell everyone else.”