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‘Criminal Minds’: The Surprising Character Luke Perry Once Played in Season 4

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic)

Criminal Minds fans are certainly a dedicated bunch. And, as they are waiting for more information regarding the revival of the hit CBS crime-drama series it is fun to look back at some of our favorite episodes of the popular series. And, with this, of course, it’s fun to look at some of the best guest stars that have played a role within the Criminal Minds universe. Some portrayed the good we like to see in life, and others perfectly portrayed the bad.

Among these prominent guest stars is one former 90210 heartthrob, the late Luke Perry. This guest-starring role was certainly a departure from the role we knew Perry to hold so well on 90210 as the actor portrayed a murderous cult leader in the Criminal Minds role.

In the fourth season Criminal Minds episode titled Minimal Loss, Luke Perry portrays a cult leader named Benjamin Cyrus. In this episode, agents J.J. Prentiss and Spencer Reid go undercover to investigate child abuse allegations at a Colorado cult gathering. However, the situation becomes dire when the agents find themselves in a hostage situation. This comes after a raid on the location of the cult goes wrong, putting everyone involved in danger.

Luke Perry’s Benjamin Cyrus Creates A Deadly Situation

Luke Perry’s portrayal of the clever, but short-tempered cult leader Benjamin Cyrus is spot-on as Perry’s character begins to take the entire group hostage. He eventually learns of Prentiss’s true identity and his reaction to this news is extremely violent.

Eventually, the members of the Criminal Minds BAU (Behavior Analyst Unit) convince the cult leader to surrender. However, the danger isn’t over as Cyrus has rigged the entire compound to explode, with all of the children and the rest of the commune locked inside. Along with the BAU agents J.J. Prentiss and Spencer Reid.

Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan stops Cyrus, killing him. Then, Prentiss, Reid, and all of the children are saved. However, Cyrus’s power over some of his followers remains. And, his wife grabs the detonator as the children and agents escape. This sets off bombs, killing those who were still inside the building.

‘Criminal Minds’ Has Hosted A Number of Big Guest Stars

During its initial run, Criminal Minds was known for hosting several exciting guest stars throughout each season. Along with Luke Perry, the popular series has seen stars such as Elle Fanning, Aaron Paul, Mark Hamill, and Jane Lynch visiting the set for a role in one of the many episodes.

After his 2008 appearance on Criminal Minds, Luke Perry went on to guest star in a variety of other roles. Then, in 2019, Perry returned to television full-time portraying Fred Andrews on Riverdale. This role would be short-lived, however after the actor’s unexpected and tragic death after suffering a stroke in the spring of 2019.