‘Criminal Minds’: Tim Curry’s Character Was Inspired by a Real Serial Killer

by Maria Hartfield

English actor Tim Curry is not new to the spotlight. From acting on broadway, to film, to voiceovers, Curry has done a little something of everything including being a guest star on Criminal Minds.

Tim Curry’s long list of acting jobs includes his most notable role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist in The Rocky Horror Show. Additionally, he appeared as the devious butler Wadsworth in the classic murder mystery Clue.

His impressive filmography led him to win the role of an exceptionally twisted serial killer on the popular crime drama series Criminal Minds. The long-running series follows an elite squad of FBI agents exploring the depths of some of the country’s most dangerous and warped criminal minds.

Curry’s performance as a hauntingly twisted serial killer takes place over two episodes on Criminal Minds. It’s hard to forget his amazing and believable acting on the show. However, when competing with over 300 other episodes, some may forget Tim Curry as “The Prince of Darkness.”

Tim Curry stars as ‘The Prince of Darkness’

“The Prince of Darkness” known as Billy Flynn made his debut on Criminal Minds in 2010. Flynn’s story begins at the end of Season 5. It shows him killing for years prior to interfering with the BAU. He first appears in the Season 5 finale titled “Our Darkest Hour” and last appears in the first episode of Season 6, “Longest Night.”

To summarize, in “Our Darkest Hour”, the city of Los Angeles experiences a string of rolling blackouts. Enter Tim Curry as Billy Flynn. Flynn is there to harass the child of his past two victims. He likes to turn off the power before he snakes his way into homes at night. Next, he tortures and rapes his victims, and finally, he kills their family. However, he always makes sure to leave any children alive.

The devious character is influenced by a real-life serial killer named Richard Ramirez. Similar to Billy Flynn, Ramirez also killed unsuspecting humans during vicious home invasions in the city of Los Angeles.

Criminal Minds producers Weigh in on Flynn

Criminal Minds producers came together in order to create the scariest finale ever with their work on “Our Darkest Hour.”

Write and co-executive producer Erica Messer told TVGuide, “Who else can be the creepiest guy without saying a word?”

“Tim Curry is a dream. [Flynn] kills families, but always leaves one person alive, which is psychological torture for the rest of that person’s life. … He feeds off of making people powerless,” said Messer.

Their efforts weren’t in vain. Tim Curry’s interpretation of Billy Flynn turns him into one of the evilest villains on the show. Particularly due to his habit of traumatizing children.