‘Criminal Minds’: Two of the Show’s Stars Are Close Friends in Real Life

by Hannah Heser

Criminal Minds is a fan-favorite crime drama series. Throughout each season, fans got to watch a group of criminal profilers who work for the FBI. In order to uncover numerous mysteries, they have to use behavioral analysis and profiling to investigate the crimes.

In addition, the cast members spent a number of years filming together. As a result, they grew into a little family and formed unbreakable bonds. For instance, two of the show’s stars sparked a friendship that fans never saw coming. Can you guess which ones?

If you guessed A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness, you’re right! It just so happens that both of these talents are actual friends in real life.

A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness’ Relationships on and off Screen

Firstly, A.J and Kirsten always have each other’s backs. For example, when A.J. was fired on the show, Vangsness and the public eye strongly voiced their opinions. Kirsten did everything she could to defend her friend. She created a petition for fans and other well-known stars to sign. Afterward, the petition was a hit, and Criminal Minds had to offer her job back. So, Cook took the offer and returned to the show.

In all honesty, where would we be without good friends in our lives? They help us through thick and thin, such as getting us through the dark times. That is exactly what Kirsten did for A.J., which sparked the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

In order to prove that they’re friends, Kirsten wished A.J. a happy birthday on Instagram last July. Let’s be real here, people don’t give birthday shoutouts to just anyone. You can check out the post here.

In the photograph, you will find a bunch of throwbacks from their time on the show. Also, the caption holds a special heartwarming message. You can tell Kirsten put a lot of thought into it.

“Happy birthday to the glorious goofy art-hearted wild beast known as @ajcook. I hope your year is full of expansion and happy adventures. I have zero recent pictures, so I found ones from moments before where you are being your faceted self. So looking forward to many good reason to hang out soon.”

Overall, television shows usually spark friendships. We can’t wait to see what other adventures these two stars take together next. Maybe they’ll star in another series in the future. Who knows.

What A.J. Cook From Criminal Minds is Doing Now

We all wish Criminal Minds didn’t have to end, but it’s always entertaining to see what the cast is doing nowadays.

Since the start of the show, Cook has seen actors come and go like an audition to go on American Idol. However, she was one of the ones who stayed on the show until the end. After the show ended, she starred in four sitcoms. Her most recent film is Back Fork, a 2019 indie film. Her husband from Criminal Minds, Josh Stewart, also stars in this series.