‘Criminal Minds’: What Fans Think the Show Lost When Hotch Left the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

On “Criminal Minds,” Aaron Hotchner was the team’s touchstone. He had a biting wit, and a genuine love for his team. He showed them respect, and they gave it right back. Hotch was a special part of the team, so what did the show really lose when he left?

According to a Reddit thread, “Criminal Minds” lost its best profiler when Hotch left; best after Gideon, of course. We didn’t see much of Gideon, only 3 seasons worth of his profiling, but he was still one of the best. Hotch, on the other hand, we got familiar with.

In the thread, which asked “Who in your opinion is the best ‘Profiler’?” a few fans listed their top 3. The original post listed Gideon, Morgan, then Hotch, while another put Reid second. Another wrote Gideon, Rossi, then Hotch. So it’s a bit all over the place, but Hotch stays constant. Be was definitely one to take notes on.

One fan was firmly in Hotch’s camp. They wrote, “court scene sold it to me. Another great example is when he had to confront Strauss about her drinking. Also as much as the other members are skilled, I feel like Aaron has the best balance between professionalism and compassion.”

“I think Hotch is the most complete profiler and would be the most successful if he had to work alone,” another commenter wrote. As far as the others go, Rossi and Reid got too emotionally attached to cases, and Gideon felt strongly about his cases as well. Hotch was really the only one who had the detachment needed to work the really difficult cases. Not that he was cold, but he knew how to limit his emotions while working.

Former ‘Criminal Minds’ Star Opens Up About New Project

Joe Mantegna was a fan favorite when he portrayed David Rossi on “Criminal Minds.” If Aaron Hotchner was the dad of the team, Rossi was definitely fun uncle Dave. But with “Criminal Minds” over, it’s time to move on to greener pastures.

Mantegna has recently spoken about his new project; he plays the father of a young adult on the autism spectrum in the Amazon series “As We See It.” Mantegna spoke about how the show affects him personally, having a daughter on the autism spectrum.

“This was a unique situation in that there were instances where I can relate in many, many ways,” he said to Looper. “Usually, when I go to work … I’m going from my world of reality to this pretend world that I do for a living. But this is an instance where there’s a little more of the reality mixed in with that pretend. Obviously, it’s scripted, fictional characters and all that, but it’s based on reality, and it’s somewhat based on a reality that I live … I don’t think I could have avoided tapping into some real emotions at times.”