‘Criminal Minds’: Why Some Fans Had Complaints About Rossi at First

by Amanda Glover

When “Criminal Minds” first introduced the world to Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi, fans had a few words.

Although the cast of the hit CBS crime-drama changed many times over the show’s 15-year run, if certain cast members left, the show probably wouldn’t be worth watching anymore. Since Joe Mantegna’s arrival to the series in 2007, it became hard to imagine the show without him as well.

After the departure of Mandy Patinkin’s character (Senior Supervisory Special Agent Jason Gideon), Mantegna stepped in.

Many fans learned to remember Agent Rossi as the crime-novel writing, three-time divorcee. Rossi was one of the founding members of the BAU and a former Marine who eventually retired and became a famous crime writer. After coming out of retirement to assist the team, Rossi realized it was his time to return to the job.

Once he joined the team, he immediately became an outsider (Not like us though). Even though it took the team some time to get used to the new member, he eventually became part of the “Criminal Minds” family.

In a phone interview with Collider, Mantegna talks about what it was like being on the show.

“Well, it’s a dream come true, is what that is. It’s what you look for. Especially at this stage in my career, I was looking for a way to spend some more time at home and have some logic in my life. I spent many years traveling to do movies or theater, or whatever it was. So, to find something with legs that would keep me local and give me some sort of a life was real attractive to me.”

‘Criminal Minds’ Fans On Reddit Had Bad First Opinions on Rossi

In a “Criminal Minds” thread on Reddit, a fan created a thread titled, “let’s talk about Rossi.”

One Reddit user wrote that they were upset to say goodbye to Gideon. However, Rossi eventually grew on them. The user initially thought he came off as “so arrogant and rude.”

“I didn’t like him but he grows on me so much and continues to grow on me through much later seasons too and I think now I prefer him to Gideon, although I did still really like Gideon. They just have very different styles,” the user continued.

Another user continued the thread. “I was a big fan of Gideon, and really sad when he left-so I wanted to hate Rossi. And I did at first.”

‘Criminal Minds’ Tops List of Most Streamed Shows in 2021

Even though fans took their time warming up to Agent Rossi, it appears that didn’t stop the show’s popularity.

In 2021, “Criminal Minds” reached the top of the list of most-streamed television shows! I can second that considering how much I watched it on Netflix last year.

According to an article on Variety, the hit show beat “Cocomelon,” “Greys Anatomy,” and “NCIS!” Does anyone else hear a round of applause?

Although the popular streaming service only has Seasons 1 through 12 of “Criminal Minds,” they still never bore us. It also was on for a total of an estimated 33.9 billion minutes watched by American viewers. That’s quite specific but very true.