‘CSI’ Almost Had a ‘London’ Spinoff: Here’s What Happened

by Maggie Schneider
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The production team for “CSI” was thinking about going across the pond for another spinoff. Here’s the story behind it.

The “CSI” franchise loves choosing different locations to tell their stories. So far, fans have seen investigations occur in New York, Miami, and Vegas. But, did you know that production considered filming across the pond?

That’s right. “CSI” was in talks about creating a London spinoff. Executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says that the team flew to Europe back in 2007 to check things out.

“We met with Scotland Yard and pathologists and criminologists and found out how they actually conduct an investigation,” she says.

Wanting the spinoff to feel like a modern Sherlock Holmes mystery, they thought that a spinoff in Europe could mean fresh plot lines. It could be more interesting to viewers who live in America. “CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker told the Chicago Tribune his reasoning behind bringing the show to London.

“Someplace outside the country, so that when aired in North America you’re bringing them into a world that you don’t see often because it’s hard for people to fly to London. CSI: New Orleans or CSI: Los Angeles, or New York or Chicago feels like it would be another [CSI].”

Unfortunately, fans are unsure as to why the team nixed the idea. For instance, it could have been due to higher production costs, or difficult travel logistics. Maybe one day viewers will have a chance to see “CSI” take place in another country.

“CSI: Vegas” Loses Its Stars

“CSI: Vegas” is saying goodbye to two of its original cast mates: William Petersen and Jorja Fox. That’s right, Sara and Grissom will not be a part of the spinoff’s second season. In a series of tweets, Fox explains her reasons for leaving the show.

“Hey all you #CSI fans! After much deliberating, I have decided not to ‘Sidle up’ for CSI Vegas. For me CSI has always been a love story. The story that people can find love in the darkest of places and times,” she begins.

“And the story that love, even in the darkest of places and times, can expand and grow roots and endure. I personally just can’t split Sara and Grissom up again. So goes Grissom…..So goes Sara. Wherever they go, they belong together.”

She goes on to thank the fans for tuning in, as well as mentioning the production team of the show.

“Thanks for watching everyone!!!!! Keep tuning in! I know I will. CSI VEGAS has an incredible team and it should be an amazing show!”

What will these mean for “CSI: Vegas” and its ratings? Looking at Fox’s replies, it seems like fans miss Sara and Grissom already. We will have to wait and see how the writers make up for their losses.